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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grybop 5 / 10 / 10

Maybe next time...

It's hard to figure out exactly what this movie is about. Is it just the story of 3 young people over a short period in their life? Is it about the different view each one of us has upon the same events? Or is there an underlying comment on the role of fate in our lives? I found it very difficult to find out what is wrong with Ming dai ahui zhu, because it's a "polished" movie; the direction and cinematography are fine and there's good acting. Then why did I find it so boring and uninteresting? I guess it's the script; the story lacks suspense, there are no climaxes and on top of that I am still trying to find out what was the point. Sure, the film has some qualities but overall it is rather disappointing. 5

Reviewed by SammyK / 10

Good first feature

"Mirror Image" is a film that seems more concerned with the idiosyncracies of each character and their interactions with each other than actual concrete plot. It's rather like a series of incidents elegantly strung together, but ultimately amounting to very little. The influences of Hou Hsiao Hsien and Wong Kar-Wai are evident here, especially in the way the urban setting is shot and the plot lurches. It's an interesting first feature, and one can forgive its flaws if only due to anticipation of what the director will do next!

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