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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mzand-751-539572 10 / 10 / 10

A Fun and Important Piece of History

Don't let the negative reviews from the troglodyte misogynists here dissuade you. Misbehaviour is the true story of a group of young women activists whose protest disrupted the 1970 Miss World Beauty Pageant and put the women's liberation movement on the worldwide map. The film is fair in portraying all sides, including the pageant contestants who come from diverse and oppressed backgrounds and for whom this pageant was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Also, we finally get to see Bob Hope for the sexist, right-wing, cringe-worthy creep that he really was. A good, fun film with a serious message.

Reviewed by Joe-Faulkner-0 6 / 10 / 10

This is a beautiful film with a few small teething problems

Firstly I can't believe my eyes at the low review score. I watch (or try to) films from every Genre, depict every political and social narrative. There is nothing to dislike here. It's not gender swapping shallow rehashes and trying to sell it with 4th wave feminism. It is a BRILLIANT and accessible film about a bunch of brave women. Now that isn't to imply we don't need a badass roster of women in our Marvel's and DC's but this is a story of real heroic women fighting against a seriously oppressive regime. I thought that a few of the younger characters were going to be obnoxiously off-putting but for ONCE they aren't, for once despite a few slightly cringe moments near the start, they are real characters with the attitude to fight for change. I think no matter what race you are, the colour of your skin or your gender you can take something away from this movie and see how we should all be continuing to fight against injustices from every angle. 9/10 is a very high mark. It didn't have a few hundred million pounds in CGI, hell the angles from many perspectives can seem confusing. However I disregard the notion that this is another "woke film". It is unironically woke.

Reviewed by malcolmgsw 6 / 10 / 10

Humorless feminist tract

No the 70s were not like this.In the sixties I worked for a female principal where the majority of the workers were female.This film is so humorless it is dificult it is impossible to warm to it..Rory Kinnear does a wicked impression of that well known philanderer Bob Hope.Eric Morley is skewered his wife Ju off more lightly.

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