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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tony95 10 / 10 / 10

An 80's Classic

I agree with my fellow reviewer that this movie is a lost gem. However, I would not consider it a typical 80's teenage sex movie. This movie is an eloquent and witty portrayal of love-stuck adolescence at its most hilarious. While the film does contain nudity and boozing, these situations are presented in such a way as could only offend the most prudish of characters. There is something innocent and refreshing about the emotions that occompany this period of every mans life and this movie bring that out perfectly. I have not seen this title in a video store in a long while, so I purchased it from Amazon. The PG-13 version shows up on Comedy Central every so often also. I recommend giving it look if you get the chance.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 9 / 10 / 10

Friendship, Love and Rivalry

In 1956, in Nelsonville, Ohio, the clumsy teenager Jonathan Bellah (Doug McKeon) dreams on getting into the pants of the hot school mate Marilyn McCauley (Kelly Preston). However he is shy and has no experience with girls. When the handsome and rebel Gene Harbrough (Chris Nash) moves with his father to the house next door, he immediately befriends Jonathan and decides to teach him how to be attractive to women. Then he has a minor accident with his motorcycle when the car driven by the wealthy Kenny (D.W. Brown) almost hit him. Gen has a crush on Kenny´s girlfriend Bunny Miller (Catherine Mary Stewart). Later Jonathan and Gene go to a fair and meet Marilyn, Bunny and their mate Rosalie (Jami Gertz). They schedule a date to the drive-in but when Kenny sees Bunny, he challenges Gene to a car race in the beginning of their rivalry and contest. Meanwhile Jonathan gets closer to Marilyn. "Mischief" is another gem from the 80´s, with a story of friendship, love and rivalry. Gene is a nice character, Bunny is sweet, Marilyn is hot, Kenny is the villain and the clumsy Jonathan is very funny, but his dream comes true. This film is a classic and the viewer never gets tired seeing it again every now and then. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "A Primeira Transa de Jonathan" (Jonathan´s First Score")

Reviewed by Peach-2 9 / 10 / 10

Overlooked gem.

I haven't met a lot of people that have seen this film and I think most will overlook it because it doesn't have many stars in it. This is a quiet little film with a great sense of the word "mischief", and how to get into it. It's a typical 80's movie with teen-agers having sex and drinking booze, but I loved these kinds of movies when I was growing up. Even though I had to sneak to watch when Mom and Dad were asleep. This movie has a great sense of nostalgia and a very nice love story to boot. Not the greatest film ever made, but very entertaining none the less.

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