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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dolphinswimgym 9 / 10 / 10

Really Good Halloween Horror

Every October I gather up a ton of Halloween themed movies and have a marathon. This October I can't wait to add Mischief Night to the mix. I'll even probably save it for Mischief Night itself, which is the night before Halloween, even though I never heard it called that before! This was a movie that had all the standard Halloween horror stuff crammed in it, but also had a whole lot more. Part of me even wants to say it's not a horror movie, but of course there are some scary parts, and there is the usual throat slits and decapitations we've all come to expect. But a big part of it is about talking. I won't say who is doing the talking, that would be a spoiler, but just trust me when I say it's not who you would expect! The movie stars Malcolm McDowell in a small but funny role (he even gets a whole blooper reel in the credits that's worth the price of admission alone) as well as Brooke Anne Smith (who is amazing as Kaylie the crazy teenage beauty) and Marc Valera (who I've never seen before but who will definitely getting more work after this). It also stars Matt Angel from the MTV Psycho 16 movies (he's awesome) and Nikki Limo from Youtube. It's a good cast for such a small movie. The best part of all is the music! It's not like John Carpenter's Halloween theme, it's sometimes rock n'roll and sometimes guitar and sometimes orchestra, but always good. What a great addition to my Halloween line-up!

Reviewed by stsinger 9 / 10 / 10

Attempt to do something new, but not quite successful..

I can appreciate the attempt to do something new with the serial killer/slasher/stalker/home invasion film, but this flick doesn't quite pull it off. Film begins with Kaylie, a teenager who is covering a babysitting gig because her friend is sick. It is the night before Halloween, and after dealing with kids playing pranks, girl-talk with her friend, a visit from a boy she likes, and a cameo from Malcolm McDowell, she settles in for the night. Then, a masked man breaks in with a knife and comes after her. At that point, the movie completely shifts. The masked man is not your typical killer and the girl is not your typical victim, and the movie grinds to a complete halt and becomes incredibly boring and talky while the two of them start to "bond" and develop sort of a relationship. The movie picks up again at the very end, but ends up with an ending that is so totally obvious that anyone paying attention probably figured it out very early on (I know I did). And to make things a little more annoying, based on the very last shot, the filmmakers think they are WAY more clever than they actually are. There are a couple of gory murders, but no real scares and, as I said, the middle of the film is a snooze-fest. Couple that with the predictable ending, and it's hard to recommend for a horror fan. Which sucks because I really wanted this film to be good since it's a noble attempt.

Reviewed by kellynolan1001 9 / 10 / 10

wow caught me off guard!

i have to admit that i didn't expect much going into this. thought it would just be a cheesy bad night at the movies kind of slasher with lots of gore and ridiculous one-liners. but whoa, this really surprised me. it's an interesting movie and has all kinds of stuff you never expect to see in a horror movie…like good acting! and writing! and camera work! there's lots of twists and surprises and even some decent gore. but it's much more about the characters. the two leads are really good together. and Malcolm McDowell is AMAZING of course! and i love the way they portrayed Halloween, which is my favorite holiday. you should watch it if you're looking for something different and fun.

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