Mist & the Maiden


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Sanny van Heteren as Margarethe von Amsberg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Mystery thriller set in the Island of the Gomera with plenty of twists , turns and a suspenseful finale

Based on a novel by Lorenzo Silva and the cast is pretty good , Andrés M. Koppel wrote the interesting screenplay and directed . The Mist and the Maiden (La Niebla Y la Doncella) dealing with three Investigators are sent to an island to revive an investigation, discovering new clues about a terrible crime . As the corpse of a young man appears in a forest on the island of La Gomera , Canary Islands . Being accused a high-powered but suspicious authority , Padilla (Fernando Navas) , who attempts to prove his innocence . After that , the case closes with the accusation to the local politician who is exonerated in the later judgment . Three years later , Sergeant Bevilaqua (Quim Gutiérrez) and his assistant , Corporal Chamorro , (Aura Garrido) , are sent to the island to revive the mysterious case . Corporal Ruth Anglada (Verónica Echegui) accompanies them , the last one who saw the young man alive . But events are about to get even worse . ¨Mist and the maiden¨, or ¨La Niebla Y la Doncella¨ is a top-notch thriller about a twisted mystery of a young man whose beheaded corpse is found in a forest located "on the island of La Gomera¨ . This killing is just the starting point for three Guardias Civiles have come to Gomera and then things go awry . This thriller packs mysteries , emotional thrills , action and suspense . The original as well entertaining premise is overspread across the movie adding some brief conventional pitfalls . This is a highly mysterious and cerebral thriller , filled with plot twists , including an unexpected denouement in its final part . Hitchcock style psychological mystery , being surprisingly good and competently directed , though it has some flaws and gaps . The picture is pretty well , though sometimes fails and it has a lot of turns . However , being entertaining for its continuous suspense , but slow-moving , too . The starring cast is frankly well , Quim Gutiérrez stars as Sergeant Bevilaqua , with Aura Garrido as Corporal Chamorro and Verónica Echegui as Corporal Anglada . And excellent support cast as Sanny van Heteren as a revengeful mother seeking justice , Fernando Navas who stands accused of murdering but is exonerated in the later judgment and special mention for Roberto Alamo as astute and suspicious lieutenant and Mariam Alvarez as his wife . Based on a novel by Lorenzo Silva whose Guardias Civiles' characters were previously rendered in El Alquimista Impaciente . Lorenzo is a fine screen-player and writer whose novels and writings have been adapted in followings TV and movie pictures : 2008 La Reina Sin Espejo , 2009 Un Asunto Conyugal , 20-N: Los Ultimos Días De Franco , 2008 Rif 1921 Una Historia Olvidada and the successful : 2003 La Flaqueza Del Bolchevique . The film was compellingly produced by Mariela Besuievsky , Mercedes Gamero , Gerardo Herrero , Mikel Lejarza , Javier López Blanco , all of them have financed a great number of hits in the new Spanish cinema . This increasingly potent thriller displays an atmospheric but dark and foggy cinematography by Álvaro Gutiérrez . As well as stirring and suspenseful score by Adrian Foulkes and Lucio Godoy . This new film by Spanish writer/director Andrés M. Koppel was compelling and professionally directed . This is his film debut , Andrés previously wrote Noche De Reyes , Intacto and Zona Hostil .

Reviewed by grivas15 4 / 10 / 10


I won't go into the details of the plot or acting, as the previous two reviewers did it and the movies is not very wide spread, so head on to those reviews if you need details or spoilers. I' d say opinion of a middle viewer, I expected a thriller with more guts and action, this is a boring slow moving movies that never builds up to a climax and you just don't care about any of the characters. I did watch it because I often discover pearls among European crime dramas, but this was not worth it. It involves drugs and murder and some nice seaview vistas and the latter is the only thing that makes it watchable.

Reviewed by abisio 4 / 10 / 10

Some unexpected but mostly unbelivable twists in a movie that fail to engage

La Niebla y la Doncella is another novel from Lorenzo Silva already made as a movie. The story is interesting but the direction and the acting never engage the spectator. All the characters has some mystery but none of them is able to be interesting. Even the great Veronica Echegui (perhaps the only one whose acting could be considered good) is able to do much. We never really get to understand her and the reason behind her actions are not too clear. The twist before the ending is quite unexpected; as is when a main character is killed two thirds of a movie; but still the chain of events is hard to believe. There are many similarities with another Spanish thriller; "The invisible Guardian"; however that one was far more engaging and with better performances than this one. Quim Gutierrez spent the movie as basically a zombie. Even when upset the level of emotion barely rises. Aura Garrido can do nothing with her underwritten character. Roberto Alamo is able to show some charisma but his part is not important for most of the movie.

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