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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darlene-27 10 / 10 / 10

the most accurate depiction of Hollywood outsiders trying to bust in

Knowing several real-life wannabe actors, screenwriters, directors, and producers, none of whom are exactly 'A-List,' I thought this movie was an accurate portrayal of the twists and turns that the life of a project and one's personal life take while one, lacking connections, tries anything to come up with financing to get a potentially great movie off the ground. Look at how long it took to get "Ray" funded and made -- 10 years! Similar stories abound. It takes a monumental effort to get anything made that's a little bit different. Guys who control the money don't like risk! With all its iterations depending on the focus of the potential underwriter -- think Money-Man -- with a colorful cast of stars, all playing well-written characters, I can't get enough of this movie. I own it and have watched it many times. A real laugh fest for those captivated by all things "Hollywood." The name IMHO ruined this movie's chances at the box office. It implies a certain salaciousness that is simply not there. It is a warm and sweet movie about guys trying to help their sweethearts achieve their dreams. Should have been titled, 'The Darkness and the Light,' which is the name of the screenplay they are trying to produce, or 'A Hollywood Story,' or something similarly innocuous. Worth seeing by all means!

Reviewed by GeorgeC 10 / 10 / 10

Worth seeing

Bob Wuhl, never acclaimed because he has little range, actually turns in an excellent performance as a screenwriter who pulls out all the stops to get his script filmed. Martin Landau is his producer, and the money men they find, one of whom is Robert DeNiro in a wonderful role, all want him to cast their mistresses in the film. Although the film is slow at times, excellents performances all around make this worth seeing.

Reviewed by coffeengreens 10 / 10 / 10

over looked gem

This movie is another over looked gem made awares recently to my consumerized multiplex movie taste. Robert DeNiro acted in this movie for free (according to IFC Channel's little factoid footnotes). It has a low budget feel to it. I dislike Robert "Arliss" Wuhl as an actor. Nontheless I found myself intrigued and enjoying Mistress. The discussions about art, and how they are a reflection of real life: the question posed in My Dinner With Andre: Is the art a reflection of it's artist, or is the artist a reflection of his art ? The discussion and breaking down of some of the tedious aspects of screenwriting and what it means and how one goes about it in the movie industry. The compromises required in movie-making, and art in general, is an intriguing aspect to this movie, making it more than just a run of the mill "dish on Hollywood/Los Angeles" movie. Also, the comprises woman in the movies have to make, and blacks. I think this is a great movie for an aspiring (screen)writer/actor to watch by providing some of the clues to how one has to think or approach writing and also the realistic constraints that get applied by the way the industry is structured. (BTW, I feel as if I am the only one to notice that this seems alot like Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway ((which was released 2 years after this movie)); Woody Allen is the greatest, but the uncredited theft of this movie may be a travesty ((especially provided the knowledge, also courteasy of IFC's footnotes, that the Writer/Director Ron Powlus[sp] spent 7 years running around trying to get this movie made. Which is a sad fact because this is an excellent movie and the amount of work he must have put into it is reflected.)) Now looking at this as well, this is sort of a movie about the making of a movie about the real life making of a movie; which in itself is stating something very profound about movie making.

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