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Kritika Kamra as Avni Gandhi
Pratik Gandhi as Raunak
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sanjaynmahajan 10 / 10 / 10

Highly Underated Film ... Must Watch

Strongly recommend to watch this light hearted comedy movie and a clean love story . Cast is good. Jackie once again has choosen a topic close to Indian Youth Audience yet the film is an family entertainer. Kritika Kamra looks too good and has acted very well.

Reviewed by pmodak-86013 6 / 10 / 10

Nice Movie

Nice Movie. Worth a watch, if you are looking for a nice family drama & not item numbers or fighting scenes like "Bahuballi". The storyline is such that every boy & girl will get some resemblances with their life. It evolves around two central characters - Avani & Jay. Jay is lazy, not focused towards life, & timid lad. He has a degree in Automobile Engineering but even can't spell "Thermodynamics". He has his easy to go attitude but he is honest at his heart. Avani on the other side is completely opposite to Jay. She is hardworking, focused & wants to achieve her dream of starting a business "Food Truck". Both met accidentally, came close to each other as they both had the similar taste for life. Avani transforms Jay to a responsible & hardworking individual. She gives him a profession & respect in the society, especially in the eye of Jay's father. Jay in return helps her to get the love from her father which she was looking for a long time. After some funny & melodramatic situations, they find their love in each other.

Reviewed by beevenkat 6 / 10 / 10

Its a clean family film

I went to watch #Mitron without any expectation, but came out of the theater feeling completely relaxed n entertained. Its a clean family film by #nitinkakkar, its also funny, sensible n emotional. The father-child relationship is well depicted. The film clearly shows how every father underestimates his childs potential. The heros character is not a stud, in fact hes good for nothing, yet he makes an impression. Heroine #kritikakamra makes a successful transition from television to the big screen. Hope to see her more often. Good performances, simple dialogues n authentic locations r the plus points. Rating 3/5.

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