Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky


Animation / Sci-Fi / War

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March 23, 2020



Cherami Leigh as Biyomon / Morphomon / Tai's Female Classmate
Johnny Yong Bosch as T.K. Takaishi
Todd Haberkorn as (voice)
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CantileverCaribou 7 / 10 / 10

Fully grown adults spout one-liners and kill each other in a colorful oversized toy line.

A very short ONA (original net animation), of about 70 minutes, that takes place around the time of the original MSG series. While the storytelling is perhaps a bit muddled and simplistic, along with fairly simple undeveloped characters, at times, and the ending is very weak (probably not going to be explored further in a subsequent adaptations), there are a lot of compelling aspects to this ONA that makes it thoroughly watchable compared to most of the Gundam canon. They have a solid melding of 2D and 3D animation here that gives it a wonderful visual style and sense of movement, though I think I personally prefer certain sequences in pieces like Zeta, Char's Counterattack, and 0083. It's not cringeworthy like most combinations of 2D and 3D, and the two augment each other effectively. The art direction and colors are very well planned out by the staff, and the production is the most riveting Gundam has been in a long time. The palette is generally darker and there's a more discernible impact regarding the effects of war, often presented visually instead of just through dopey monologues. The POV shots from Daryl's perspective that occur numerous times are some of the most unnerving shots in the whole franchise. And a lot of impact is carried by the globs of blood floating in the zero gravity environment, from the cockpit, after a skirmish. All of the mains, though probably quite young seem to have a degree of maturity, which makes it certainly more shocking when the command brings in fresh soldiers, most not even looking 16, and refers to them as "expendables." Certainly one of the bleaker entries in the series. With such an emphasis on action and such a short running time, one really can't expect much in the way of character development. They're all a bit flat, yet there's a certainly visceral punch to each character that makes it work well within the context—the characters are engulfed in a gritty space battle, haunted by visions of their past, their lost home, pointless notions of honor and pride. It's all delightful melodrama that facilitates the energy of the carnage and the battles between the two leads. Easily one of the best Gundam soundtracks ever. Jazz, old pop songs with a somber mixture of lounge jazz and a bluesy vibe, and some rather odd sounding electronics—not the Jpop bookended intro and outro, along with the kitsch music that usually predominates. One of the best in the series, despite the usual trend towards style over substance being insisted upon—with style this good, it's easy to eschew a little substance. Up there with 0083, 0080, and Char's Counterattack in terms of animated action.

Reviewed by jwilli-03810 2 / 10 / 10

Incredible, and a welcome return to the Gundam universe

I grew up watching Gundam Wing as a kid, but I was never really a die-hard Gundam fan. This was my first time diving into the Gundam world in 15+ years, and I have to say, I was very impressed. The futility of war is really driven home as a theme here, which isn't particularly original, but it's always good to be reminded of the horrors of war so we don't repeat our mistakes. That said, it does explore how bloodlust can infect even the most good-natured among us. How wars can be driven to an unfathomable scope in the loss of life, not only because of the virtues and hatred driving the violence, but how the once innocent people entangled in these wars start to enjoy the killing. The animation is amazing, although it was hard to tell what was going on sometimes because the action was so fast, hence why I took off a star XD. I know Gundam is supposed to be fast-paced but I was lost quite a few times. It was the first time I've ever had to pause and rewind an action scene! I appreciate that they pay homage to Cowboy Bebop without completely ripping off of it-the jazz only appears when one character enters the scene, making it all the more engaging. The soundtrack here is rich and encompasses a lot more than jazz, which really helped differentiate it from a typical cookie-cutter anime. If you're a Cowboy Bebop fan, or just looking for a dark, violent anime that will leave you with plenty to think about afterwards, check it out!

Reviewed by ekanereziah 2 / 10 / 10

Jazz trash

Let's get this straight: Cowboy Bebop was bad. Its success was due to a large promotion and distribution investment and not much else. Sure to watchers who are new to anime are easy to charm, but it had ugly character design and below average animation. Why am I talking about Cowboy Bebop? Because the producers of Gundam Thunderbolt obviously thought it had some big merit, enough to take heavy inspiration and ruin the Gundam stage with obnoxious music that has nothing to do with space wars and mecha. They liked Cowboy Bebop too much to leave out characters with heinous personalities and haircuts who bring hate to themselves like black holes. So I found myself wishing Ghiren Zabi would just send in a Solar Ray to clean up that loathsome sector of space. As for the synopsis, we don't have much because supposedly spectacular Mobile Suit fights take up most of the time and I couldn't care less of the outcome. We have a detachment of crippled soldiers from Zeon who are being subject to experiments by Evangelion fans who connect their stumps to Zakus vs Federation drug addicts with bad taste in music. And that's it, I'm not joking. Don't waste your time with this crap.

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