Mommy's Secret

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April 5, 2019



Adam DiMarco as Kyle
Andrew Beha as BBQ Guy
Charisma Carpenter as Sydney Hart
Sarah Grey as Denise
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 5 / 10 / 10

An okay time waster but please refrain from that awful dramatic music score continually playing in the background

Of course there were huge holes in this plot and the inept police and FBI who were responsible for arresting the real mobster were laughable. I found the soccer star daughter Denise (Sarah Grey) most irritating from the opening scene when she starts asking her mother Anne (Cahrisma Carpenter) a continuous stream of endless and curious questions about her mother's activities and receives double talk from Anne. Mom and two (2) teenagers lost their father a year ago but they somehow are able to maintain a lifestyle in their multi million dollar estate home on mom's part time jobs of being a hair dresser and casserole maker. Most irritating about this made for TV movie was the background dramataic soap operatic music score which had the reverse effect on me to maintain a level of suspense. Really? As bad as I am making this movie out to be, and the dialogue is near bearable it does have a few twists and turns and a happy ending so it is an okay time waster.

Reviewed by kosmasp 2 / 10 / 10

Not well kept

The secret that is. So you may know Charisma Carpenter from her role in the Buffy TV show. She grew up - well she matured. She can't play a teenager anymore obviously and unfortunately probably only gets weird roles likes this one more often than not. She was a side character in one of the Expandables movies. But other than that, you probably didn't see her in much. And I would suggest that you shouldn't watch her in this either. Not really worth your time (even if you consider one "twist" towards the end). Weak script, drama of the week, overall rather generic and weak in the dialog department. I won't judge the actors by one performance, but one thing is for sure, this isn't their best work (I know for sure when it comes to Charisma and I hope the same to be true for the others)

Reviewed by nyotatimothy 2 / 10 / 10

Terrible Movie

Mind boggling that we have such movies being produced in 2016

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