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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 7 / 10 / 10

horrific happening, shallow docu...

Because there are room for a deepploughing 10 episode crime tv-.series of doumentary stuff in here. but one thing for sure, yet another example it is, how voulnerable you are in open spaces in the usa (or britain or even norway if at a political summer camp). give the victims a real comprehensive amount of damage compensation payment, and do the lock out on the vouchers that has let this aftermath become as it has. productionwise its touching many aspects of the happening, but it could have gone deeper on the individual vouchers in clark county , city of las vegas, and the state of nevada. the grumpy old man recommends a look, and my advice is...always plan an emergency route out of the venue when attending large crowds or concerts, it will happen again im afraid

Reviewed by Disney135 10 / 10 / 10

Powerful and Disturbing

I have been researching the horrific and deadly attack in Las Vegas since right after it happened and I have watched several documentaries (all of them were obviously hard to watch) but none were as powerful and disturbing as this one. To see the faces of some of the surviving victims who were interviewed was hard to watch (I cannot imagine what these people experienced) as they spoke about their involvement in this attack (I will forever refer to it as terrorism because those people were clearly terrorized even if it was not officially a terrorist attack) and their outrage at the resort company suing them (something that was not ever done before after something like this). The brief part with the attacker's brother was interesting when he spoke about their lives and how their father was a known criminal . I'm not a major conspiracy theorist but I think they covered up what happened with Stephen Paddock. My continued sympathy lies with the families of the fallen and the surviving victims whose lives were destroyed in such a horrific and unreasonable manner.

Reviewed by frankiepozos 10 / 10 / 10

The House ALWAYS wins!

Incredible documentary! This filim is on the money. Ramsey Denison provides an intelligent thesis for the how and why of the worst mass shooting and the corporate coverup that shrouds the simple truth. Denison does the worlk LVMPD and MGM deliberately failed to do. The victim accounts are harrowing. High roller Stephen Paddock and all those souls who went to see Jason Aldean- lost to the house. Spoilers- reneged comps, cops ordered to turn off body cams, changing timelines, Ellen DeGeneres slot machines etc., they all fit into the horror. I love Vegas but this doc makes you miss the halcyon Mob days. enjoy, Patti

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