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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ozjosh03 3 / 10 / 10

As thin as a rice paper

It's possible Monsoon is born out of the writer/director's deep feelings about Vietnam and the war. But we'll never really know because he does a fairly poor job of communicating them. Mostly the film just generates confusion and a fair amount of tedium. Henry Golding is Kit, a gay Brit who fled Vietnam at age six with his parents and brother. Now he's come back to scatter his parents ashes. The problem with this is that, though we learn little about his parents and his life, we do learn that a) neither of them ever wanted to return to Vietnam, b) they forbade both sons to return, c) Kit has, at best, mixed feelings about his homeland, and for most of his life seems to have given it little thought. So when his cousin finally, after much angst all round, observes that his parents fought so hard to leave, yet now he's brought them back, it seems like not just a very good point, but the only sensible thing anyone in the film has to say on the subject. Henry Golding is nice to look at, but not an accomplished enough actor to bring any real weight to such a flimsy premise. His romance with Lewis, an American ex-pat, is fleetingly intriguing, if somewhat passionless and ultimately pointless. And after 85 minutes of rambling around some of the less-interesting parts of Vietnam, the film ends abruptly, without ever delivering anything much in the way of insight. I've learnt more about Vietnam, its people, it's culture and the war from Luke Nguyen Vietnam cooking series.

Reviewed by tranngocthanhtu 3 / 10 / 10

Seem boring for a 4 years work

A guy walk around to find something or maybe somewhere he belong. I'm so glad to hear that this film is totally filmed in Vietnam, my country, it's exciting waiting... but nothing really been showed. This film has a really boring plot, it just about this guy, take a trip from Saigon to Hanoi with no purpose (not to find love, or a home, he just simple following his memory when his family been here), and then he chose to stay (which i don't know why, if it because Vietnam is his hometown, then it sound so unreal, or because the man he love here, then it weird because this lover-guy not even a Vietnamese, so it make no sense and no related at all) the scrip easy to guess, no climax or impressed scene, it almost no meaning at all. This film has a silent vibes which really comfor me, but the scrip just can be saved. Boring. But i still watch it, cause i love my country and really happy to see it on a foreign director's movie.

Reviewed by valence-robinson-281-1461 3 / 10 / 10

The very visual definition of Arthouse

Sorry, I don't speak the language. I like my films to have a distinct narrative and be entertaining. Apart from a sense of turmoil and confusion, I couldn't get a handle on it. Evidently the high praise given by others must mean that many others like it. Obscure with an abrupt ending.i was not entertained!

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