Monster of Terror

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Boris Karloff as Swami Talpur
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Reviewed by qmtv 3 / 10 / 10

Karloff rules, the story needs lots of help.

Karloff rules, the story needs lots of help. Karloff was great in this movie. He's better here then in some of the other pile of crap movies he was in prior to this. The other actors are only decent. The actress playing the wife was also good. The male lead sucks. He just does nothing. The female lead was better but that's not saying much. The guy who played the butler dies, maybe of boredom, like some of the audience. He did OK in the dying role. Some of the townspeople were also OK. So, wait for Karloff, and unfortunately he's not given great dialogue or enough screen time. The cinematography was good, as well as the sets. Music was good too. FX sucked. The story sucks. It stars similar to Harker heading to the Dracula's castle. Beginning is handled well, with mystery of the family. Then we meet the family, like the Munsters, there's a beautiful normal daughter in a house with strange characters. She acts like everything is normal. So, the story goes down hill from here. After some time of boredom we find out that people and plants are being mutated from some meteor, and then everybody dies, places goes on fire and the young couple escape. Happy ending. This movie first needed a better story. The basics are there, but the scenes/actions/tensions are not there. It also needed a better male lead. The daughter was fine. And it needed more Karloff. So, as is. I can only give this C-, or 3 stars

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 5 / 10 / 10

A weak Lovecraft adaptation.

Adapted from the H.P. Lovecraft story The Colour Out of Space, Die, Monster, Die! opens with the arrival of American Stephen Reinhart (Nick Adams) at the English village of Arkham (a name that will no doubt be familiar to fans of Lovecraft). As is usually the case in such films, the locals are far from friendly, refusing to help him reach his destination, the Witley house, where his university sweetheart Susan (Suzan Farmer) lives with her mother Letitia (Freda Jackson) and father Nahum (an aged Boris Karloff). Eventually arriving at the Witley place on foot (having successfully avoided the man-trap by the gate), Stephen is confronted by Nahum, who tells him to leave. Susan, however, welcomes him with open arms and pointy boobs, clearly unperturbed by, or blissfully unaware of, their age difference (Adams, a decade older than his perky co-star, has a carefully concealed receding hairline and bags under his eyes). After Stephen is introduced to Letitia—who hides behind the veils that surround her bed and urges the young man to leave with her daughter—he begins to suspect that something very strange is happening at the Witley manor. And you know what? He's right! There are a couple of moments in Die, Monster, Die! that come very close to capturing the true horror and otherworldly dread of Lovecraft's writing: firstly, when our hero and heroine discover large mutated creatures caged in a greenhouse—nothing says Lovecraft more than tentacled beasties—and secondly, when Stephen locates the ominous green meteorite that has been causing the mutations, the glowing rock emitting a menacing hum that can only mean bad things. Sadly, the rest of the film is far less effective, plodding from one gloomy corridor, darkened room, or foggy exterior, to another as Stephen explores the house and its mist-shrouded grounds (narrowly avoiding Nahum, who is surprisingly nippy in his wheelchair). Director Daniel Haller would have another stab at bringing Lovecraft to the screen in 1970 with The Dunwich Horror, but with little success, while The Colour Out Of Space would be turned into another movie, The Curse, in 1987.

Reviewed by Smoreni Zmaj 5 / 10 / 10

There's no monster at all :(

"The Colour Out of Space" by H.P. Lovecraft is turned into pretty much lousy movie. Titles "Die, Monster, Die!" and "Monster of Terror" are misleading as there are no monsters in this story. It is about mutations of plants and animals caused by meteor fallen into small isolated English town. There's too much idling although movie lasts just a little above an hour and even Boris Karloff didn't leave much of impression. Special effects are ridiculous. I understand that movie is made in 60's when they couldn't do much better than this, but it would be better if they simply left those shots out and based the movie more on building a tension, leaving our imagination to compensate for missing effects. This way it just ended up ridiculous and pretty much boring. From Karloff in Lovecraft's story I expected much much more than this. 5/10

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