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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fostersforums 4 / 10 / 10

Was hoping the robot would kill everyone within the first 10 minutes

Bottom line: Not terrible, not wonderful. Good: Effects (not saying much as most effects these days are believable)Best actor in the film was the little Cambodian kid. He had a couple of scenes which genuinely pulled at my heartstrings. Bad: Whiny, strident, screeching, 2-dimensional characters played by actors who think that hyperventilating is the best way to convey fear, excitement, and nearly every other emotion. I didn't care if anyone of them died. In fact, I was rooting for the robot to clean house and just blow them away. Some of the "acting" felt really forced and try-hard, like a 9-year-old was trying to impress their parents with a dramatic reenactment of what they saw an amateur do on TV. I've noticed this trend in recent movies - this forced kind of acting, even in huge budget movies like the most recent Star Wars installments. Take note of how many times the actors hyperventilate when they are afraid, excited or just trying to talk to someone. Forced and one-note. If you want examples of fear expressed wonderfully, watch Ripley in Aliens when she first discovers the queen, or the scene when Tom Cruise pulls off his mask in the middle of a gigantic room full of menacing masked onlookers in Eyes Wide Shut. These are great examples of believable fear emoted without having a damned asthma attack. I feel like writers and actors of today don't understand nuance or subtlety. It's all over-the-top popcorn variety schlock. Just fill the screen with screaming meat targets and that should be enough to make the audience to feel sorry for them when they die. They think the way to invoke tension is by directing actors to shriek and shout at everything when things get a little tense. They don't know how to balance it out with some humor or downtime. Millennial writers and actors could learn a lot from old school classics to learn how to better their craft and make characters relatable and even likeable. Movie wasn't terrible, but this trend of mediocre acting doesn't help the its rating.

Reviewed by dmonbman 1 / 10 / 10

Far too long, eventually you want the robots to hurry up

At over 2 hours in length, it is clear the director, writer and producer (same fellow) felt every moment of footage needed to be kept. The movie could have easily been 1.5 hours, or a bit less and been a lot better for it. As a result it is highly repetitive with the same scenes playing out multiple times. The effects are good. The acting is ok, although I don't think there is any character to identify with. The action was ok. The concept isn't new, but what is anymore. It just dragged on and on and on. Eventually you begin hoping the robots will hurry up and kill everyone so the credits can roll.

Reviewed by talbotphoto 1 / 10 / 10

Number Five Is Alive. Well, Kinda...

Every single character in this movie was so annoying and unrelatable that I was actually rooting for the killer robots.

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