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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iamthehollow 1 / 10 / 10

Con-job of a film, if you are interested due to bigfoot, be careful this film is a scam.

This film is not what it may seem from the's actually hardly about bigfoot at all, so if you are thinking of watching it for that reason be careful. With that being said I might as well give my opinion on this the editor, that's all I can say, cause that person really can't do editing...they are a bad editor. The acting is not bad, so sorry to the actors, but just about everything else is miserable...from the supposed 'passionate' relationship to the awful excuse for a story...I would advise even fans of boring thrillers to steer clear as well as bigfoot fans.

Reviewed by tmccull52 2 / 10 / 10

Monstrously Boring

A note here to director Bruce Wemple and writer Anna Shields; if you're going to make and market a monster/horror movie about Bigfoot, you may want to actually have the advertised creature actually show up at some point in the movie. Trust me, when you make a monster or horror movie, and actually include those elements in the film, it adds to the viewer's enjoyment. To the prospective, potential viewer: Stare at the Bigfoot shown on the movie poster for about a minute. That's more than you'll see the cryptid in this turd of a movie. Does anyone actually remember or know how to make a decent horror movie any more? We're we to judge by the efforts expended in this film, the ostensible answer is apparently not.

Reviewed by ryanovwhill 2 / 10 / 10

Bigfoot terror or lesbian love story?

This movie is so falsely advertised that I was expecting a suspenseful bigfoot horror movie but instead I got a troubled romance movie with a little hit of a hairy monster. Dont waste your time!

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