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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 7 / 10 / 10

Good creature effects, decent action but the camera work n editing r shoddy.

Coincidentally this is the second Korean period action film I saw. The kingdom is under the threat of plague. Orders r issued to eliminate all the infected ones. A general is exiled after he saves a small girl being terminated. His sidekick tags along with him cos he owns his life to the warrior. Fast forward in the future n ther r rumors of a terrifying creature in the mountains. The King calls upon the general out of retirement. The story isn't gripping, the characters r not sketched properly. The creature effects r noteworthy. It looks like a hybrid. Body of a raging bull n face of a lion. Ther is some good action but the camera work n editing is shoddy. Nevertheless, it's a decent creature flick.

Reviewed by phanthinga 8 / 10 / 10

Horror movie set in Joseon era is a thing now ?

Coincidence or not I think we can all agree that Rampant and Monstrum are basically the same movie when both of them set in the same era with the same plot,the same type of characters with the same motivation and the only thing that make these two movie worth watching for me is one is a zombie flick and one is a creature feature flick and when it comes to the entertainment value all I can says is they all both equally enjoyable.If it possible I want to see an alien invasion movie set in Joseon era next.

Reviewed by Foutainoflife 8 / 10 / 10

Are Monsters Real?

That's what this film is all about. The king calls for an investigation into the rumor of a monster causing many deaths in the mountains. I enjoyed this film. The story is constructed well. The acting is good and it manages to keep you engaged. I love that this is in the set Joseon era. This does make attempts to being comical and couple times it was a bit cheesy but nothing I couldn't overlook. I don't have many complaints. Reading the subtitles can sometimes make the sentences seem broken and hard to understand. That can be a pain but I understood what was going on. It was a fun film. Check it out.

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