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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10 / 10

Those Wild Presscott Girls

Montana Moon finds Joan Crawford and Dorothy Sebastian as the Presscott Sisters who apparently never mix with the hired help on the father's ranch in Montana. To use the term of the day, the two are a pair of hard living flappers. Joan is partying hearty with Ricardo Cortez though the one that really likes him is Sebastian. The two are on their way back with dad Lloyd Ingraham to the ranch when Joan decides she isn't going to stay in dull old Montana, she's changing trains for the next eastbound one they have. But wandering off from the station for a bit, she runs into cowboy Johnny Mack Brown who as it happens works for her father. Brown had an interesting career he was a football star for his native University of Alabama, an All American long before Bear Bryant came on the scene and was snapped up by Hollywood during the silent Twenties. That southern drawl insured he'd be cast in westerns like Montana Moon and soon he was doing them almost exclusively as he became a B picture cowboy hero and worked pretty steadily. Anyway the rest of Montana Moon concerns Joan and Johnny's rocky road to romance and the two lifestyles not blending real well, especially after Ricardo Cortez gets back in the picture. Cliff Edwards and Benny Rubin play an interesting pair of sidekicks and silent Danish comedian Karl Dane is also a ranch cowboy with very little dialog. He did not transition well to sound and Louis B. Mayer was letting him fill out his contract with a bit part with few words. In four years Dane would be dead by suicide. Not a great film in the collected works of Joan Crawford. But Montana Moon was a typical Crawford party girl role that she did before MGM discovered she could act.

Reviewed by jcochran-1 4 / 10 / 10

Pleasant Dish of Cornpone

High society gal Crawford falls for aw-shucks ranch-hand Brown in a somewhat predictable, but well-played, romance-cum-morality play. Crawford even sings a Broadway-flavored trail ballad, and while she is certainly no Jeanette Macdonald (one was enough!), she does a creditable job with the material she has to work with. She and Brown both play their roles to their respective hilts, and provide intriguing insights into America's pre-Code morals as depicted by Hollywood. Not to be missed: excellent comedy cameos by Cliff Edwards (later famed as the voice of Jiminy Cricket in Disney's animated classic "Pinocchio") and Benny Rubin (a teasingly fey Yiddish fella). Well worth a look-see!

Reviewed by MartinHafer 4 / 10 / 10

The plot idea wasn't bad--but it sure should have been better.

"Montana Moon" is a mis-matched romance where a rich and spoiled flapper, 'Montana' (Joan Crawford) gets married on the spur of the moment to a cowboy...yes, a cowboy! Larry (Johnny Mack Brown) is a pretty simple guy and the two have really nothing in common--and as the film progresses, it becomes more and more obvious. What also becomes obvious is that Montana is a spoiled brat and has no intention to stop her party-girl lifestyle and so, not surprisingly, the marriage is doomed. This film's biggest problem is when it was made and the director. It's pretty obvious as an early talky that several of the actors were using really, really bad accents (Brown and Cliff Edwards in particular) and the director SHOULD have worked on this. They should sound like westerners--not hicks. Additionally, the sound quality varies a lot--and at times is almost unintelligible. Fortunately, this problem isn't frequent. There also is way too much music--especially with Edwards singing about two or three songs too many. And, finally, Crawford's character is really unlikable and you wonder why anyone would want to fight to get her back! Despite all this, the plot itself isn't bad and the film still manages to keep your attention.

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