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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rob-896-99919 7 / 10 / 10

It's called "fun".

Guess what, if your child likes Moshi Monsters they will like this. My 6 and 4 year olds really enjoyed it, and I enjoyed it likewise by proxy. If you've ever seen any of the Moshi music videos on YouTube then you've got the idea. Colourful, musical, simply animated, squeaky, noisy. Yes it's garish, but not as headache-inducing as I feared. The use of shadow, lighting and blurring of the various 2D planes softened things to manageable levels. The music is inventive, well-produced, catchy and there's lots going on in the accompanying animation to mean you won't fall asleep in your role as accompanying adult. The plot is simple, linear, and doesn't contain any clever gags or innuendos for the grown- ups - it's just face value, goodies versus baddies rainbow coloured cutesy nonsense for Moshi fans. Loved it.

Reviewed by ulrichburke 9 / 10 / 10

The problem with you lot is - you're ADULTS!

Right. For starters - the animation's INTENTIONALLY the way it is. Colourful, and FUN! It's not pretending to be Pixar or anything else, it's just a swirling, ego-boosting, uplifting, bubbling Saturday Matinée champagne fun movie. The songs are great and work as an integral part of the movie - it would have been nothing without them. Someone here said the first song comes in for no apparent reason - watch that bit again, it's perfectly timed and placed. The adventure's wonderfully fun and silly in just the right mix and places. And I loved all the little creatures. BUT - you've gotta go into it the way its creators went into it - with the mind of a child. Go into it as an adult and you just won't get it, same as all the other adults here. Go into it as a child and it'll blow you away. Leave your adultness at the ticket barrier, open your mind to pure enjoyment and this movie'll absolutely get you. I went to see it because I loved the trailers. I don't know anything about Moshi Monsters. I'm 49. And I don't have any children. I just went to it by myself and had the best time I've had in a cinema for ages. Cinema going isn't about being scared/shocked/startled or nauseated. It should be about having a good time. And if you leave your adulthood behind, this movie will give you the best time you've had in years. And the Bollywood song? I'm wondering if Mind Candy is owned by Indians, they got the Bollywood number perfect. Both times they used it in the movie. I wished I'd had a child to watch it with at the end and if they do a sequel I'll be there for it! It's a Very Good Movie. It's just not for adults. Let your inner child love it as much as did mine. Moshi Eggs Forever!! ulrichburke

Reviewed by belonginthedark 9 / 10 / 10

Stupid thing to critique

Go with your junior Moshi Superfans, they will go mad. It takes all the Moshi Monsters and some of the moshlings, mostly Mr Snoodle, and pits them against the arch-villain Dr Strangeglove and his sidekick Sweetooth and the glomps. If you have superfans and have been indoctrinated into knowing all the songs and stories then you will get it. There's a negative review on here and I don't know what he was expecting and why he thinks a Moshi fan wouldn't like it. Moshi Superfans should definitely see this as it's all you could hope for and more

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