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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kshehzad 8 / 10 / 10

An Oscar Material

When a dysfunctional family confronts the realities of the past and present along with diminishing collective morality of society then maintaining values you've been carrying becomes a liability and your fragile innocence clings only with string of hope. This is the subliminal central idea of much anticipated Pakistani movie "MOOR" produced and directed by highly acclaimed Jamshed Mahmood Raza aka Jami. Since the first teaser of "MOOR", I had firm believe in distinct quality this movie offers. Deeply intense emotional melodrama revolves around closing down of railway system of Zhob district of Baluchistan back in 1984 and its direct implications on station master Wahid (Hameed Sheikh) and his family. Abject poverty resulted from closure of Railway station cripples naïve but honest Wahid when he is emotionally challenged by his elder brother Zahir (Shabbir Rana) and local goon Sardar Khan aka Laalu (Sultan Hussain) to make some compromises. Palwasha (Samiya Mumtaz) who plays more an emotional whistle blower than a wife of Wahid and he hangs between good and evil, family values and corruption. Death of Wahid's wife and then his son Ehsaan's (Shaz Khan) own battle for self redemption spread darker shades on screen in peculiar back & forth style of Jami in which story takes two steps back before moving one step further. Serene and breathtaking beauty of Muslim Bagh with snowy surroundings reminds us Hollywood's "FARGO" released in 1996. Farhan Hafeez as cinematographer has pulled off an award winning job. The way he has filmed different areas of Baluchistan, it has never been attempted before. Along with strong performances of main leads "MOOR" will always be remembered for its top-notch cinematography. Hameed Sheikh has done stunning job. Maxims of acting Hameed Sheikh has explored as station master Wahid in "MOOR", it seems this role was specifically penned for him. With acutely believable character and emotionally charged acting, his talent can easily be par with Naseeruddin Shah. It will be great to watch both of them in single frame someday. Debutant Shaz Khan has surprised with his matured performance. It will not be surprise if Shaz Khan is seen in some international project in future. The forgotten name of experience actor from Quetta Abdul Qadir as Baggoo Baba gives small but noticeable comic relief in intensely charged sequences. Abdul Qadir's performance is one of the highlights of "MOOR". After watching Ayaz Samoo as Imtisal, no one can imagine that he is the same person who has been hosting music show on ARY Musik as famous video jokey Sajid Billa. On the whole, "MOOR" is magnificently executed, superbly performed and meticulously written film which aims self-actualization. With its soul-searching element and momentous theme "MOOR" will cherish only serious cinema-goers but not the masses. If right promotion and effective PR are done internationally then "MOOR" has all the ingredients to emerge as an Oscar material.

Reviewed by ahsanejazali 9 / 10 / 10

Moor Revives Passion and Inspired Truth And Patriotism In The Viewer

Watched Moor yesterday and came back with a relaxing feel in my heart that Yes there are still people out there who actually know how to make films and give a tribute to someone, rather then making a 2 Hour TVC of their Sponsor by adding few cheap jokes and item numbers in it! I was just Mesmerized by the beauty and scenery the land of Baluchistan has and we haven't seen it for so long, Thank You Moor for Showcasing Out Beautiful Province To Us. The Screenplay, The Direction, The Cinematography, The Shots, The Framing, The Acting and The Music Specially made me Hooked to my seat till the end and gave me a lesson of inspiration to always look for what one should do and choose the right path and not fall for the tempting desires because it will make u comfortable but will not fulfill your soul. and the remorse will haunt you for the rest of your life. It was a great experience for me as it was a inspirational film, Thank you to its director sir Jami for reviving my belief that we could make good films in Pakistan. A Must Watch!!

Reviewed by s-danishrizvi 9 / 10 / 10

Moor: A step in the right direction

This is by no means a technical breakdown of the good or bad in film making. Rather a feeler as to what Moor (2015) has to offer. Moor is set in a cold snowy Balochistan. Focused on the life of a man struggling to keep hold of his land and his family. The Film takes us on a journey to far away barren land, shot beautifully with actors who barely faltered, delivering well written dialogs and capturing strong emotion. Moor is for the patient viewer who knows that good things comes to those who wait...and I must say Good things do come! A great watch! Shedding light on an important issue backed by wonderfully pleasing music and sound design. One of the best Films to come out of Pakistani Cinema!

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