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Shemar Moore as Emery Simms
Victoria Rowell as Stevie Hobbs
Vivica A. Fox as Roxanne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crmycoco-31720 2 / 10 / 10

What was the MOTIVE for making this mess?

Unlike some reviewers who didn't like this movie because it has an all black cast, I liked it BECAUSE it had an all black cast that wasn't singing, dancing or rapping, or being portrayed as drug addled ghetto trash. I like seeing black ppl in "normal" stories about lust, murder, money and revenge. However, this is where my praise ends. THIS MOVIE SUCKED THE HOT AIR OUT OF ALL BALLOONS EVERYWHERE!!!!! I'm not sure if it was the plot, the sophomoric acting or the lazy direction, but this film sunk to the bottom of cinematic trash and all the king's horses and all the king's men could not save it. Personally, I think Vivica A. Fox is above this kind of straight to video crap, but if it pays the bills...whatever. Do you boo! The scenery was beautiful and should be nominated for an Oscar, however. If you've nothing better to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon...maybe you want to get your taxes done to some background noise...then this might be the film for you. Otherwise, you'd be better off checking out L.A. Confidential or The Devil in the Blue Dress for any kind of cinematic satisfaction.

Reviewed by knights7894 4 / 10 / 10

Great Movie!

I thought this was a well thought out screenplay not at all the run of the mill black film. I was totally surprised at the end. The only hint was the hug scene between the wife and the lawyer friend while Emery was coming from the police station, other than that there was very little foreshadowing. There were a lot of heavy hitters in this one. Vivica did an excellent job.The love scenes were a little corny especially since sexy sexy Shemar was the lover I would have loved to see the love scenes be little more natural. I was also surprised that there was not a love scene between Shemar and Vivica. There was an abundance of mystery in this. I recommend everyone see this movie.

Reviewed by dromasca 4 / 10 / 10

African-American soap erotic thriller

This film tries to combine several genres, in a quite a strange mix. The plot happens in Atlanta, and involves a businessman and restaurant owner married un-happily apparently with a charity organization leader, involved in all type of dubious activities, including stock market fraud, murder, and a steamy extra-marital affair. The pace and the moral approach is of a 70s TV soap opera, combined with a 90s erotic thriller. Nothing too bad, but nothing original or really interesting either. Characters are one-dimensional, their physical appearance is all that counts. The plot twist towards the end works quite well, or it worked for me in any case. The odd thing is that all main characters, without any exception are Afro-American. This does not work in my opinion - the American society as I know it is multi-racial, and reversed segregation does not work, not on life, and not on screen. Why? Is this meant to be a revenge to the all segregated approach of film making in the 40s or 50s? Well, it does not succeed to be more than a DVD rental minor film, and the reason is probably that it never tries to be more. Not to be mis-understood, Afro-American film-making can be great (mentioning just Spike Lee is kind of trivial) but only when it approaches life and minority causes in a realistic and good taste manner. This is not the case here. 4 out of 10 on my personal scale.

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