Mountain Patrol


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thomas_Neville_Servo 10 / 10 / 10

A staggering achievement

From the director of The Missing Gun comes this powerful story of a journalist who travels with a small mountain patrol group as they track a band of poachers across the unforgiving lands of Kekexili, the last great wilderness. To say this film is great is a grave understatement as its uncompromising nature and cinema verite approach to story telling elevate it above all other films of the year. What this film does so well is connect you with the protagonists in a simple, yet very effect manner. Once the initial setup and character introductions are complete, the rest of the film is spent following them through the harsh wilderness. In doing so, Lu Chuan places the viewer in the same dire situation as the mountain patrol. We're with them as they brave harsh winds, freezing water, sun-baked plains, and treacherous, snow-covered mountains. We feel their anguish as they come under attack from seemingly invisible assailants. We sense their fear and pessimism as they struggle to survive in this breathtakingly beautiful, yet ultimately deadly landscape. All this to protect Tibetan antelope. The fact that they're willing to risk everything for this unseen animal says more about their character than any amount of dialogue. They do this without a paycheck and with the knowledge that they'll probably have little to no success. By giving the antagonist so little screen time, Lu Chuan is able to broaden this story and give it global context, declaring that attitudes and actions such as this should be condemned outright. It also serves to elevate the protagonists above ordinary heroes as it can be interpreted that they're not just doing this for the Tibetan antelope, but endangered animals everywhere. Kekexili is an enormously powerful film that should not be missed. This is far and away the best Chinese film of the year (better than Shi Mian Mai Fu (House of Flying Daggers) in every respect) and one of the best films of the year, period. 10/10

Reviewed by swcheese 8 / 10 / 10

A biased but nevertheless enthusiastic two thumbs up!

While I know I am biased and I will explain why, I still feel I should write and try and express the depth of feeling I have for this film. My brother, Alex Graf was a production manager for Columbia Tri-star Asia. He was returning from the filming location in western China when he was killed in a vehicle accident. OK, now you know why I am biased towards this film. That being said, this is a very powerful, visceral film. It is definitely not a feel good film and is, at times very hard to watch. The setting is in the western Chinese high desert. To describe the scenery as beautiful, breathtaking and desolate would be to massively understate it. What an incredibly vast, unforgiving, yet hauntingly mesmerizing landscape, and Lu Chuan takes full advantage of this. One aspect of the film that is unexpected, and demonstrates Lu Chuan's mastery of film making is that you expect to despise the poachers but somehow you end up understanding their plight as much as that of the patrol. If what I have written here still doesn't move you to see this film then see the film as see for yourself you will not be disappointed. Andrew Graf

Reviewed by Atavisten 8 / 10 / 10

Harsh and relentless

This strong and raw movie about the true case volunteer mountain patrol running after poachers getting rich by exploiting the Tibetan antelope, and bringing it close to extinction in the process, is the strongest and most moving movie I can remember in a thriller/action genre. Its hard to know what to call it as it has a more real feel than any thriller I know. Nothing comes in between the hunt for these poachers with no frills, the script is clear-cut and never sentimental. Everything happens quickly and brutal, something that also can be said about the fortunes of the mountain patrol. Based on a 1993-96 incident, Kekexeli manages to show these heroes as what they are, never becoming fixated on person (no "private Ryan") like it should be. Amazingly the story made it to the big screen.

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