Mr. Jones


Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Diane Neal as Cleopatra
Faran Tahir as Asad
Jon Foster as Scott
Sarah Jones as Suds
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ericrnolan 7 / 10 / 10

A short review of "Mr. Jones" (2013)

Right up until its final act, "Mr. Jones" (2013) amazed me by how good it was. Here was a creative, thoughtful and extremely frightening found-footage horror movie. It was so damned good that I was surprised that I hadn't heard about it before. The story idea was fresh and interesting — a young couple moves to an isolated forest cabin, only to discover that a mysterious neighbor is "Mr. Jones," a legendary anonymous folk artist. This hermit produces grotesque artworks — "scarecrows," totems and dreamcatchers that he then mails to apparently random recipients around the world. Not all of them are pleased with their macabre gifts, and their benefactor's identity and motivations become the stuff of urban legends. (Try to imagine H.R. Giger with a modus operandi like Banksy.) There is a lot more going on here than a cliché yarn about a supernatural bogeyman. The script is smart, the story is well developed, and the tension builds slowly and effectively as the tale unfolds for our two protagonists. My only quibble is that the couple does incredibly stupid things, and are cheerfully curious about discoveries that should scare the hell out of them. But that is a failing of so many horror films that I decided not to let it bother me. Then the movie loses its way. I'm disappointed to share here that this otherwise great film suffers because of its disjointed, meandering and consequently frustrating climax. It's too long, it's too confusing, and it spends far too much time repeating redundant shots and scare-moments. We see one character, for example, pursued by multiple adversaries … repeatedly. Well, these adversaries stop being scary when the viewer eventually arrives at the conclusion that either A.) they can't catch this person or B.) they can't hurt this person. At another point, a character must do something urgent, but receives contradictory instructions from different sources. This plot development could have been damned unnerving in the context of our story, but it's nearly lost in a confusing barrage of repetitive images and sounds. Writer-director Karl Mueller strives to immerse the viewer in a kind of surreal "nightmare." But he makes a mistake that is common for surreal horror films — portraying confused and disoriented characters does not always require the viewer to be confused and disoriented. A shorter, sparser, cleaner script would have saved what might have been a classic. Oh, well. This movie was still fun enough. Again … much of it is quite excellent. And another viewer might not be as turned off by its conclusion as I was. I still recommend "Mr. Jones," if a little reluctantly. I'd rate it a 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by cjs6547 7 / 10 / 10

A chilling, unexpected ride

This movie breathes fresh life in the found-footage genre with some spazzy photography and creative cuts. It builds suspense beautifully - and keeps it there, so that you find yourself holding your breath for more than half the film! It takes a departure from clichéd jumpscares and other horror movie tropes and uses a formula that's not generic so that the final result leaves you unnerved and conscious of the silence of the night. The TRUE objective of a seasoned horror-addict, not those loud BOOs that give you a temporary adrenaline rush. The backstory is a bit weak, and character development lacking. A couple, Scott and Penny, take off from their city life to make a nature documentary. 'Don't you ever feel like leaving it all behind and running to nature?' Scott asks in the beginning, or something of the sort. No, we don't. Scott realizes pretty soon (in the first 5 minutes) that he doesn't either. And not a minute too soon. His exposure to the wilderness leads him and Penny straight to the door of Mr. Jones. Called Mr. Jones by (fans?), this is a guy in a mask and a cape living in isolation and leaving bits of what this movie's characters seem to consider 'art'. Yeah, nobody would consider that art, unless it came with references from an art college, an agent and a 20 dollar entrance fee. Penny is enchanted with what can only be described as creepy tribal tribute effigies, and so they instead make a documentary about Mr. Jones. This is when it gets scary (again, not a moment too soon). While the backstory doesn't hold up too well, my main issue with this movie is in two things: the switching front-to-back camera, and the ending. Other camera-work is simply riveting, but I don't know whose idea it was to turn found-footage into found-footage + cameraman's face. The face shots of a scared Scott lend little or nothing at all of value to the movie. Lastly, yes, the ending. It makes everything (all the nightmares) go away. That sort of dulls the horror. I was disappointed to know that Penny had been right all along and Mr Jones really WAS trying to protect them. It would have been so much fun instead if he was evil and they slowly lose their minds between dream and reality. But that's just my opinion. Definitely worth your time, if only for the scares that really work.

Reviewed by jumei-san 7 / 10 / 10

Great start, bad ending

I love found footage films so I obviously had to give this one a chance. I really like how it started out, two people moving to the woods to make a nature documentary. I like this movie because it is different. Not a group of teenage friends who rent a cabin in the woods and end up being slashed to death by a creepy figure. Just two adults leaving their hectic life in the city to try something else, but find something entirely different that captures their interest. But then it takes a really bad turn. No more found footage and a really trippy and vague ending. This movie could have been SOOOOO good! But the ending, it ruined it all. Sigh. Even so, I can recommend this movie to anyone who liked found footage movies. Just don't expect a perfect movie. It's not flawless, but different. And that's what I like about it.

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