Mr. St. Nick


Comedy / Fantasy

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Charles Durning as Nicholas XX
Elaine Hendrix as Heidi Gardelle
Kelsey Grammer as Nick St. Nicholas
Wallace Shawn as Mimir
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Christmas-Reviewer 6 / 10 / 10

Miscasting Sinks this Christmas

BEWARE OF FALSE REVIEWS & REVIEWERS. SOME REVIEWERS HAVE ONLY ONE REVIEW TO THEIR NAME. NOW WHEN ITS A POSITIVE REVIEW THAT TELLS ME THEY WERE INVOLVED WITH THE MOVIE. IF ITS A NEGATIVE REVIEW THEN THEY MIGHT HAVE A GRUDGE AGAINST THE FILM . I HAVE REVIEWED OVER 200 HOLIDAY FILMS. I HAVE NO AGENDA. In this film Santa Claus (Charles Durning) wants to pass the torch to his reluctant son (Kelsey Grammar) who would rather stay in Miami and enjoy the nightlife. Kelsey Grammar is miscast. He still seems to be channeling Frasier. He is also 20-25 years too old for the part. Had this been play by a younger actor the film would of been better. Kelsey doesn't come across as sincere. He seems to be "going through the motions" but he gives his "Santa" know soul and zero depth. The actors that do the most with very little are Ana Ortiz and Lupe Ontiveros. This film is family safe but in reality kids will hate this more than adults. The same story should be re-worked and cast appropriately. Charles Durning and Katherine Hepburn are wonderful.

Reviewed by edhuds0n 3 / 10 / 10

Kelsey puts a nice spin on this story

At first I thought this would be a Santa Clause rip-off, but after seeing it, I would recommend it to anyone. Despite the plot similarities, this movie stood on its own merits. The casting was perfectly done, and the actors did very well in their roles. Charles Durning and Katherine Helmond made a nice pair as the outgoing Santa and Mrs. Claus. Who better to play the role of a "young" Santa struggling with identity and relationship issues than the actor who played Frasier all of those years. No good story is complete without a good villain, and Elaine Hendrix -- who played the gold-digging fiancée in "The Parent Trap" -- again played the part to perfection. I especially liked the subtext of how the power and love of the holiday spirit can overcome the cruel, corrupt world surrounding us. Give it a look...with the family!

Reviewed by BigGuy 3 / 10 / 10


I normally wouldn't bother writing a review for a made for TV movie, but I got stuck watching while at home for Christmas. Christmas movies are supposed to be kind of cliched, they have to be because Christmas has become a cliche to most people. This movie took that idea and ran with it. First you have the reluctant Santa Claus, which has only been done a few dozen times in recent years. Then there is the rich man falling in love with the hired help, coupled into man being engaged to one woman only to realize it was a mistake and that he is really in love with girl-come-lately. Then add some cookie-cutter characters, like the proper butler giving sage advice. Or how about that the hired help has a mystery son. I say mystery son because it is never explained if the son is from a bad marriage, out-of marriage, widowed, etc. At least I don't remember it being explained. I won't even go into the goofy cop, the swindling best friend, incredibly sappy happy ending, etc. I think there are people in the world who would relish a movie like this, but if cliches, and telegraphed plot twists turn your stomach, then avoid this movie.

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