Mrs. Lowry and Son


Biography / Drama / History

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David Schaal as Commander Grayson
Stephen Lord as Mr. Stanhope
Timothy Spall as Gourville
Vanessa Redgrave as Mary, Queen of Scots
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by coombsstephen 8 / 10 / 10

A good film but an acting masterclass by Timothy Spall is worth the ticket price alone

This is a simple and quite short film that brings to life one of Britain's most beloved artists and the life that he endured waiting hand and foot on his elderly mother. Although the film is quite basic the acting of Timothy Spall and, to a degree, Vanessa Redgrave makes the film great. Spall now seems to be able to morph into any different British character, whether real or fiction, and completely make them his own. He must be one of the most understated great actors of our time. I would like to have seen more of how Lowry came to paint such classics but the film does have a good angle and is really enjoyable.

Reviewed by Padreviews 7 / 10 / 10

Superb bio pic oscar material

Drama at its best . Almost a single set throughout the whole film. The relationship between an overpowering mother and a son in desperate need for acceptance by the one person who refused to acknowledge his talents was the central theme . Absolutely top class acting by Spall and Redgrave . The sad thing is that more people will probably go and see the latest Fast and Furious franchise than this and they'll never know what they missed . Stay for the end for the documentary in the Lowry museum with Timothy Spall and the museum curator . Brilliant 10/10

Reviewed by andyge 7 / 10 / 10

Slow Burner

This is a mesmerizingly slow film set almost entirely in one room..... it could almost be a play. However Adrian Noble thankfully focuses on the two main actors and we are gradually sucked in to their closed little world. Both Spall and Redgrave give towering complementary performances which keep the audience completely entranced from the beginning. Redgrave especially manages to create a relentlessly critical and bitter character without the viewer ever hating her for it.. and Spall has grown into a confident and creative character actor of the highest order. Beautiful cinematography and set design make this film artistically watchable. If you like slow burning drama then this is a treat.

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