Mrs. Santa Claus


Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Musical

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Angela Lansbury as Granny
Charles Durning as Santa Claus
Sabrina Bryan as Fritzie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by g0b0 7 / 10 / 10

Delightful Musical Production!

This is about the finest made-for-TV Musical I have seen Angela Lansbury in! I can easily visualize this on the stage. I think in the past her talent has suffered from small production budgets but thankfully, that's not the case with this show. Everything is top drawer. This doesn't have the complexity of a drama but that's not the point. This show succeeds nicely at what it sets out to be: a fun, holiday romp. Kudos to her step-son, David Shaw as the Executive Producer.

Reviewed by Christmas-Reviewer 10 / 10 / 10

A Christmas Gift

BEWARE OF FALSE REVIEWS & REVIEWERS. SOME REVIEWERS HAVE ONLY ONE REVIEW TO THEIR NAME. NOW WHEN ITS A POSITIVE REVIEW THAT TELLS ME THEY WERE INVOLVED WITH THE MOVIE. IF ITS A NEGATIVE REVIEW THEN THEY MIGHT HAVE A GRUDGE AGAINST THE FILM . NOW I HAVE REVIEWED OVER 300 HOLIDAY FILMS & SPECIALS. I HAVE NO AGENDA. The movie is set in December 1910. Mrs. Santa Claus is trying to convince her husband, Santa Claus, to take a new route, but he is preoccupied with the Christmas rush and won't listen. Disgruntled, she takes the sleigh out herself, but is forced to land in New York City, where she is stranded when one of the reindeer (Cupid) becomes injured. As "Mrs. North", she takes up board with a family of Jewish immigrants who do not celebrate Christmas. She befriends many of the local children and women, and becomes involved with political issues of the period such as child labor and women's suffrage. This film run 90 minutes and its very charming. This film is way above the average Christmas TV-Movie. You should watch this when you are making Christmas cookies. You can tell they put a lot a work in this production and it paid off.

Reviewed by zbornak 10 / 10 / 10

New Holiday TV Classic

I, like so many people, never knew for the longest time that Angela Lansbury could do anymore than show up at dinner parties where people would soon be killed. But this delightful Christmas flick, scored by Jerry Herman, who wrote music for two of Lansbury's Tony-winning roles, has everything a terrific holiday classic needs. First of all, Lansbury's portrayal of the bored Mrs. Claus reeks of charm as we see the type of woman we all wish was our grandmother. There is never a dull moment with her on the screen, and her renditions of the very catchy songs Herman so vividly wrote are superb! The rest of the cast is likewise wonderful, complimenting the "Almost Young" La Lansbury's every move. Of course, they never get a scene on her, but they add a nice background for a presence like herself. The only disappointment is the waste of Charles Durning's talents as Santa Claus. He appears very bland as the allegedly Jolly Old Saint Nick and seems to make Santa depressing. But, luckily, this movie is about his wife and he has maybe 10 minutes total of film time. If you like Christmas and you like musicals, you will adore and treasure this movie for years to come.

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