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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TruthSeeker4Life 10 / 10 / 10

What a beautiful film and message! Thank you!

This is what movie making is all about. Its all about making something that has a purpose and real meaning that gives people the chills because it address topics that are so taboo and people are so afraid of discussing. This film has such an amazing message with a lot of funny and comedic parts as well. The main actresses and actors did an amazing job, especially the main actress and the young girl at the beginning did such an amazing job. If any of the actors are reading this, along with anyone else who made this film, you are on the right path because you are making something meaningful and producing something that touches on things that people need touching (non-creepy touching of course). The most famous actors can make all the violent and superficial movies, but in the end, when things are all said and done, you've made ART while they've just made mind numbing entertainment, you've made something that makes people feel, and they make something that makes people distracted from feeling what is going on within them. Thank you for choosing integrity rather than superficiality.

Reviewed by gaalswijk 8 / 10 / 10 star star star star and so on

I can honestly say I have never seen this story told on film before, and how rare is that in a world of non-stop content? Director Paul Shoulberg's film is a haunting tale detailing the constant struggle with our own mortality, and our reluctance to accept our eventual fate. Carried by the daring lead performance from Roberta Colindrez, Ms. White Light is an early favorite as one of the best films of 2019. this is part of the review by aaron B. Peterson the only review listed on this site. Whell a lot of people are missing out at the moment of a really great movie. A difficult subject with a lot of humor addit to it. "You hired a complete stranger to help your mother die!"

Reviewed by mewhammer 8 / 10 / 10

Quirky Stage Play

Great performance by all the actors. The movie could easily be performed as a play with its stark scenery and well paced conversation.

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