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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jon_s_chan 10 / 10 / 10

This movie is NOT a tool for escapism

What prompted me to write this review is the kind of negativity this movie has received from reviewers on IMDb. I understand that every review written here is an honest opinion, but the number of 1 out of 10 scores I have come across from people who also had time to write a review amazes me. I have taken time to read most of the reviews and I see that they were all disappointed with the movie not featuring Aamir over other actors. I have one thing to say to all of them, THIS MOVIE IS NOT ABOUT AAMIR KHAN!!! There is much more this movie has to offer than Aamir and don't downvote the movie for such a silly reason. I once watched a movie called "Adrift in Manhattan", was reminded a lot about it while watching Dhobi Ghat. Yes, the concept of Dhobi Ghat isn't fresh if you have seen many American Independent (Indie) flicks, but it was a courageous attempt if we are talking about Indian Cinema where mass masala has become the recipe for success again. The major thing about this style of directing is that you are either a fan of it or you aren't. This movie does not focus on a burning controversy, nor does it focus on a love couple and certainly does not focus on a one man army daring to bring down the corrupt government. It focuses on 4 common individuals and the common events that happen over a span of few days in their lives. Nothing out of the ordinary happens, just some interesting encounters with people and places which is what the movie is all about. The beauty of the movie lies in how beautifully the writer/director allows the characters to develop based on day to day events. It is so fresh to see this in Indian cinema, I cannot believe such a thing isn't being appreciated. Another major reason this movie is under-appreciated is the fact that you aren't escaping into alternate reality by watching the characters of this movie. The average movie goers, no matter what the nationality is, wants to imagine himself as a guy making beautiful girls fall for him or acquire power or even be an agent of chaos. Watching movies has been the best tool for such a thing, but in this movie, most of the Indian populace would feel like looking into their own lifestyles. Does not sit well with average movie fans, which is why even in Hollywood, movies such as Taxi Driver and The Machinist are critically acclaimed, but not well reviewed by general audience. Of course, over time once the movies age like fine wine, people will realize the kind of masterpiece of Indian Cinema this movie is, like the world appreciated aforementioned Hollywood flicks. I don't know why people are disappointed with Aamir Khan. Does his presence mean his character is supposed to do something extraordinary? For the character he was asked to portray, which I admit could have been pulled off with ease by several others, Aamir did perfect justice. What else is left to complain about? Aamir was fresh as ever to me, and the new faces added to my delight. Really talented bunch that pulled an easy job effortlessly. Overall, I would not suggest this movie to the casual audience, by casual I mean the ones mostly into blockbusters. This movie is more for serious movie goers who mainly are accustomed to the independent Hollywood flicks which really introduced to us great actors such as Christian Bale, Edward Norton and Ryan Gosling in recent years.

Reviewed by raazgupta 9 / 10 / 10

I had given up on Bollywood movies for a long time, and then I saw this.

Let me start by saying that if you were expecting Transformers, this movie is not for you. If instead, you find yourself in a quiet room with the patience to watch something intelligent, then this would be your cup of masala chai :) Anything I say about this movie will not be enough to praise its quality. I have to go back and watch it a couple more times, before I have anything insightful to say. But I must say something, because of the way in which this movie has touched me. I had grown jaded over the past few years, looking at the quality of movies being released in Bollywood. I would start a movie only to find myself bored by the same age-old clichés. So my expectations weren't very high when I started this one. But by the end of it I was sitting up straight, with my hands in a praying pose, watching with the utmost concentration. I guess I see a little bit of myself in Arun and Shai. I also sometimes think about the people that we the privileged don't see in our daily lives. The builders who build skyscrapers, yet have no place to call home. The dhobis who clean other people's clothes, yet hardly have any themselves. Kiran Rao does an amazing job of taking all these elements and representing them in the form of video, photography, art and music. There are coincidences and small clichés, but they aren't as blatantly idiotic as in other movies. There is poetry in this movie about the privileged, the loved, the lost and the city that is Mumbai. One of my favorite movies of all time. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan productions.

Reviewed by golden-silence 9 / 10 / 10

beautiful..leaves you wanting more.

I dunno why people here have been giving this such bad reviews. I understand this movie is the typical bollywood movie, but that does NOT make it a bad movie. I know many Aamir Khan fans who went to see the film were probably disappointed as it is not like his usual films... I have always enjoyed his work and I think this movie has a LOT more to offer than Aamir Khan. The others actors were INCREDIBLE, and it's amazing that they are just ordinary people. Maybe that's why there were, because in a lot of ways, Mumbai Diaries is about every day life. Kriti (the girl who plays Yasmin) was amazing. I laughed when she laughed and cried when she didn't. I LOVE the way her part was incorporated in the movie and that credit goes to Kiran Rao. Which brings me to my next point. I think Kiran did a wonderful job with this film, and I actually don't see how people could criticize her just because her husband is Aamir. The story lines were written beautifully. Each story had depth and meaning. Every one meant something to one another, but there was no place for them in the each others lives. Munna's character is so endearing and sweet, he makes you fall in love with him from the first scene. And Shai's performance leaves you wanting more. She plays the international girl perfectly, and being a bit of an 'outsider' myself, I know exactly how it is going back to your roots. Shai had it down pat. Yasmin, again, I think for me..was the best character. I loved her from the very beginning. She was innocent and happy and almost child-like, you couldn't help but love her...Aamir was like always, brilliant. The guy's talented as the world knows. This film is not you average Indian movie, but it is a beautiful piece of work and truly captures your attention. Not once was I bored or wondered when the movie would end. Yes it had it had some flaws, main one being the cursing...for some reason that made me laugh. I felt it didn't really go with the situation, and was a bit forced. Other than that, kudos to the whole team for creating this movie. Numbers and 'hit'/'flop' status does NOT make a movie a 'good' movie...every one is different and has their own opinions. For me, this was a great movie. :) Def one of my favourites.

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