Mumon: The Land of Stealth

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by machatada 10 / 10 / 10

Amazing movie

Shinobi no Kuni is a Japanese jidaigeki film featuring a ninja. This movie is not only serious but also comical story. These two are in a fine balance. The action is unmissable. I have never seen such a nonstop ninja fighting. In addition, I was impressed by the deep love of Mumon and his wife. You will weep over Mumon's screaming at the end of the movie. In the Warring States period of Shinobi no Kuni, the people had no sense of love. So, the words loving are not used in this movie. But it made my heart ache. The same line of people from different walks of life change the meaning by the person. And I want to watch the movie many times for hidden messages in a movie.

Reviewed by alisonc-1 10 / 10 / 10

Historical Japan, with Lots of Ninjas!

In Iga, called the "land of stealth," ninjas spend all their time fighting and killing, with no more regard for humanity than animals have. The imperious warlord Oda Nobunaga has been invading and taking over province after province, but even he is wary of attacking Iga. The greatest ninja in Iga is Mumon, whose name means no-gate because no gate can be held against him; but Mumon (Satoshi Ohno) himself is quite a light-hearted guy whose main question about doing anything is "who will pay me?" When he is paid enough to kill the younger son of the Iga ruler, the older son swears vengeance and sets in train a series of events to bring Iga and Oda to the battlefieldÂ…. Evidently Satoshi Ohno, beyond being an actor/ninja warrior, is a dj and the leader of a J-pop band, and his breezy style for much of this film provides a great sense of ease, even comedy, but the underlying message of the film is far more harsh and, well, sad. An interesting mix of style versus substance, and definitely a different take on the Japanese historical film. The ending just might break your heart, though.

Reviewed by arashi-21348 10 / 10 / 10

Ninja movie that you have not seen before

Ohno Satoshi is the leader of the extremely popular idol group called Arashi. His singing, dancing and acting skills have been highly regarded. Almost all of the action scenes in this movie were done by himself (not stuntman), and he choreographed one action scene by combining dance moves with actions. Besides actions, this movie is not like any ninja movie you would have seen before. The director portrayed another face of ninjas that no one has seen before. There is a well balance of excitement, humour, love and tears in this movie which makes it very enjoyable.

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