Murder, He Says


Comedy / Crime / Mystery

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June 15, 2020


Arthur Hunnicutt as Cowhand
Barbara Pepper as Bonnie Fleagle
Fred MacMurray as Bill Dunnigan
Marjorie Main as Mamie Fleagle Smithers Johnson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drednm 10 / 10 / 10

Fred MacMurray Is Hilarious

Fred MacMurray gives his funniest performance as a pollster who gets tangled up in the plots of maniacal hayseeds in search of stolen money. The plot is beyond description with so many twists and turns it keeps you guessing. The pacing is brisk and the film is filled with slapstick, in-jokes, puns, and references to other films. This is a very modern, very black comedy, and it's totally hilarious. MacMurray was always a smooth comedy leading man but here he's outright funny and loose. Helen Walker is also very good as one of the Bonnies. Marjorie Main is hysterical as she prowls around with her whip. Peter Whitney is excellent as the twins. Jean Heather has her best role. Porter Hall is always a treat. And Mabel Paige positively GLOWS as Grandma. A must see film! And remember: honors flysis, income beezis!!

Reviewed by Roman11 10 / 10 / 10

Pretty dammed funny!

So silly that's it's actually hilarious. Holds it's own thru the years. Fred McMurray is totally incredulous thru it all and Helen Walker is his beautiful counterpart. The mystery is good. And of course the topping on the cake is Marjorie Main with that whip! BTW Let's not forget Peter Whitney playing both twins. Super job. The whole cast deserves a good round of applause.

Reviewed by woid 10 / 10 / 10

Hilarious, should be much better known

Wonderful comedy, tops my list of movies that deserve to be better known. Funny from start to finish, well written, well directed, very well cast, with veteran character actors like Marjorie Main and Porter Hall nailing all the laughs and then some, plus Peter Whitney as the identical twins Mert & Bert (which one has the crick in his back? I forget) and excellent performances from the cast in general. Fred MacMurray is at the top of his game (only a year after Double Indemnity), and the pacing is exhilarating, lots of great gags and surreal comedy, and a nutty, over-the-top ending that pays off the whole thing. I always come away from this movie feeling happy. Only not often enough -- since it's rarely on TV, not on DVD, and in and out of availability on VHS. This movie deserves much better. It should have a first-class DVD release, and be in the rotation at TCM. Please! And then there's the music, which mysteriously is note for note the theme to "All Things Considered" on NPR, only 30 years earlier.... "On horse flies is, in comb bees is..."

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