Murder Manual


Horror / Thriller

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June 15, 2020



Emilia Clarke as Susan Smith
Hadley Fraser as Jesse
Joe Reegan as David
Maria Olsen as Betty
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crowmiles 1 / 10 / 10

Waste of time

You will feel like you wasted your time and money if you rent this.

Reviewed by robbrasil 5 / 10 / 10

What a waste...

I decided to watch this crap because of Emilia Clarke... And the question is: Where is she? Oh yeah... she appears only for about 10 minutes. Shame on the false marketing, using her name to get our attention. Well, I suppose it worked because I tried to see the whole thing, but guys... It impossible. As a "horror" anthology, it has no gore, no jumps, nothing!!! I survived until 40 minutes, then I decided to stop. It sucks big time, one of the worst things I've seen so far.

Reviewed by stsinger 5 / 10 / 10

A Collection of Previously Released Short Films, gathered together...

"Murder Manual" is a collection of short films released in the 2010 decade, grouped together with an attempt to put them in a "theme" that doesn't really work. The films are mostly supernatural in nature, and the attempt to make them connected just doesn't really succeed, especially trying to connect them as "steps in a murder." The films are of varying quality, some good some not so good. Included is a short film called "Shackled" which Emilia Clarke did back in 2012 (early on in her GOT timeline) and they rather cynically split the film into two parts to make it look like a "wraparound" story. "Shackled" is only 12 minutes in length in total, so if you're watching for Emilia, you'll be disappointed. But it gave them a big name star to use to push the film. As a fan of short horror films, I was sort of entertained. But not sure it's for everyone.

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