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Reviewed by svader 5 / 10 / 10

Film Needs A Workout

Started off well . . Middle not too bad Then silly ending of no substance . . . . Won't recommend

Reviewed by tosserdosser 4 / 10 / 10

Cliffhanger 2: Coathanger

Twenty-seven years after he was ignominiously stabbed in the leg and launched off a cliff in 1993's action classic Cliffhanger, disgraced ex-footy playing henchman Delmar, following an extended convalescence during which time his body and face were reconstructed using hormone injected beef, now keeps a low profile moonlighting as a personal trainer in a grimy London gym. Deprived of a grander canvas to enact his nefarious schemes, he sinks his psychopathic claws into ineffectual call centre wallah Simon, and proceeds to insinuate himself into his life with gimlet-eyed, steroidal zeal. The movie's centrepiece is undoubtedly the orgy scene, which unfolds with all the joie de vivre of an Eastenders Christmas special. A real treat to watch with your nan. Five 'do wots!' out of ten.

Reviewed by ptrsknnr 4 / 10 / 10


Dont watch this with your elderly mother....the sex scenes are graphicly depicted.....gratuitous nudity and hard core sex in the orgy scene...leaves nothing to the imagination....annoying soundtrack....shot in black and white for what reason I dont know.....acting average.....cant connect with the characters and a no explanation ending.....nothing resolved....glad I didnt pay to see it

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