Mutiny on the Bounty


Adventure / Drama / History / Romance

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Marlon Brando as Dr. Jack Mickler
Richard Harris as Oliver Cromwell
Richard Haydn as Thomas Rogers
Trevor Howard as Walter Morel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlickJunkie-2 10 / 10 / 10

An excellent motion picture.

When the news broke that MGM had the audacity to remake the hallowed 1935 classic `Mutiny on the Bounty' starring Clark Gable and Charles Laughton, the critics were aghast. As the news leaked out about trouble in production, they whipped themselves into a self-righteous frenzy. Brando was a lightening rod for criticism because he was renowned as arrogant hothead. Compared with Gable, who was universally loved and adored, Brando was a boor. It was almost sacrilegious to put Brando in any part Gable had played. When the film opened, it never had a chance. It was ripped to shreds. Brando was ridiculed as a lower class character actor who couldn't step up to the part, and derided for his dreadful attempt at an English accent. The film was a box office loser and critics smugly declared they told us so. The film was beset by problems throughout production. The full-scale replica of the Bounty arrived on location two months after the film was scheduled to begin shooting. There were three deaths among the film's personnel and the film ran well over budget. The biggest problems were the result of Brando's constant temper tantrums as he tried to rewrite the entire film from the set. At least six writers came and went. After countless confrontations, director Carol Reed gave up and quit to be replaced by Lewis Milestone (`All Quiet on the Western Front'). Milestone was an utterly intractable director that Brando couldn't bully. The result was a battle between the immovable object and the irresistible force, with daily emotional pyrotechnics that further delayed the film. Although Milestone usually prevailed in the fracases, this film turned out to be his last in a 37-year career. Over the years, the critics have continued to pillory the film, but the public generally receives it more favorably as time passes. Though I often disagree with the masses, in this case I concur. Having seen both the 1935 and 1962 versions, I prefer the latter. Gable is clearly more charming and dashing in the role, but Brando gives the more complete performance. Gable's Christian seems far less ruffled by the events that transpire on the Bounty, whereas Brando accomplishes a believable transition from the cavalier rogue to an honorable hero who endures self-torment over the treasonous act. Though Brando's English accent is oft ridiculed, I have heard far worse. Part of the problem probably stemmed from the fact that the accent he attempted to imitate was very upper crust and he delivered it with a certain sneering tone that made it seem like he was mocking the English. Just hearing that accent from the same lips that gave us, `I coulda been a contenda' was a kind of ironic comedy unto itself. Between the Bligh portrayed by Charles Laughton and that depicted by Trevor Howard in the remake, Howard wins hands down for pure detestability. Most of the production values, such as music, set design and costumes were superior in the remake. Moreover, the remake was more historically accurate than the original. The film features a youthful Richard Harris in the role of Mills, who gives an excellent performance of the petulant sailor. Also noteworthy is the lovely Tarita, a native Tahitian who plays Christian's love interest Maimiti, and does a scorching belly dance. This was Tarita's only film, but to anyone who has seen the film, she will not be soon forgotten. This is an excellent film. It was nominated for seven Oscars including Best Picture, but it was shut out, trampled by `Lawrence of Arabia'. It is highly entertaining with wonderful costumes, props and sets, fabulous locations and photography, and some terrific performances. Though many will disagree, I rated it a 10/10. If one can step back from the controversy that swirled around this film when it debuted, it is an easy film to enjoy.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 8 / 10 / 10

Breathtaking though overlong version based on historical deeds about known mutiny by Fletcher Christian against Bligh

Spectacular and lavish second retelling with extraordinary performances and wonderful outdoors . This high-budgeted rendition contains the mightiest excitement that ever swept across the sea or the screen . The Bounty leaves Portsmouth in 1787 . It is commanded by captain Bligh , he was chosen for the mission to Tahiti because he was considered one of the most skilled navigators in the world , having been personally selected by Captain James Cook as Master , title now would be Navigator , on his third voyage around the world . Its objective : to sail to Tahiti and load bread-fruit . The Bounty's original reason for going to Tahiti was to transport breadfruit seedlings to Jamaica where they would be cultivated to provide inexpensive food for the slaves working on English plantations . Captain Bligh (Trevor Howard, he was initially reluctant to play , because he felt he was far too old for the part, the real life Lieutenant William Bligh was 33 when the Bounty set sail) will do anything to get there as fast as possible , utilizing any means to keep up a rigid discipline . When they arrive at Tahiti , it is like a paradise for the crew (Richard Harris , Richard Haydn , Hugh Griffith , Percy Herbert , Gordon Jackson , among others) and officers , something totally different than the living hell aboard the boat . On the way back to England, 1st Lt. Fletcher Christian (Marlon Brando) becomes the chief of a rebellion . This is the second adaptation of the vintage story of mutiny during the turbulent voyage based on one of history's greatest true life sea adventure . It's the colorful classic version very well played and with marvelous scenarios . Interesting screenplay tough there are some gaps and flaws , as many writers did uncredited rewrites on the script, including Eric Ambler, William L. Driscoll, Borden Chase, John Gay and Ben Hecht . Big budget adaptation as the film cost an estimated $19 million in 1962 which was a huge expenditure at the time . The ship cost $750,000 to reconstruct ; for almost four decades, the ship used in this film, has been a popular tourist attraction in St. Petersburg, Florida. Visitors get to tour the ship itself and learn more about both the historical H.M.S. Bounty and MGM's two screen versions of the Nordhoff and Hall book . She was reused in ¨Caribbean pirates¨ and was also used in ¨Treasure island ¨ and sank during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. This account of the mutiny led by Fletcher Christian against captain Bligh is highlighted thanks to glamorous cinematography by Robert Surtees , as the last Ultra Panavision film to be shown in the extremely wide screen. Emotive as well as haunting musical score by Bronislau Kaper . Extremely memorable acting by Marlon Brando who brings his own powerful individualism to contrasting role of Trevor Howard with opposing attitude whose inevitable clash receives greatest importance . Interesting portrayal of Fletcher Christian's Marlon Brando and Bligh's Trevor Howard who bears little relation to Mel Gibson-Anthony Hopkins version . Furthermore , a sensual and romantic relationship between Marlon Brando and Tarita, the Tahitian beauty actress who played Maimiti, they met during filming and later married. Secondary cast is frankly excellent , such as Percy Herbert as Seaman Matthew , Duncan Lamont as John Williams , Gordon Jackson as Seaman Edward ,Noel Purcell a Seaman William , Eddie Byrne as John , Frank Silvera as Minarii and Hugh Griffith was fired during filming when his alcoholism became unmanageable , that is why his character disappears for large portions of the film . Compelling direction by Lewis Milestone who captures the feel of sea and harshness of the times . After the firing of Carol Reed, Marlon Brando began to usurp the power of replacement director Lewis Milestone , a well-respected veteran with two directing Oscars to his credit , in fact , it was last movie directed by Lewis Milestone ; he only did two TV episodes after this . Other renditions based on these historical events are the followings : Old and black and white take on titled 'Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)' by Frank LLoyd with Clark Gable , Charles Laughton and Franchot Tone and revisionist storytelling titled ¨Bounty¨ by Roger Donalson with Mel Gibson , Anthony Hopkins , Bernard Fox and Liam Neeson . The real deeds are the following : In 1787, Captain Bligh was chose to command HMS Bounty on a voyage to Tahiti, where he was to collect breadfruit trees with the object of introducing them to the Caribbean . Ironically, the breadfruit seedlings which Bligh brought to Jamaica as an inexpensive food for the slaves working on English plantations were an utter failure , as the slaves took one bite, and refused to eat any more . Captain Bligh is determined to reach Tahiti and return with a hold full of breadfruit trees. When the ship sailed after a six-month stay on the island, Bligh's men mutinied , casting him and a handful of loyal crew members adrift with scant provisions and no chart. Bligh's incredible seamanship brought them safely to Timor after a voyage of 4000 miles. Fletcher Christian and the other mutineers sailed on to the island of Pitcairn. The mutineers' fate remained in mystery for 18 years until their island was discovered by an American whaling ship , they found one man , John Adams, with nine women and 23 children. What happened Fletcher Christian remains uncertain, some say he was murdered on Pitcairn island, but then there were reports that he returned safely to England . However the descendants live on Pitcairn island to this day.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8 / 10 / 10

Find No Major Faults Here

I wonder if they made more three-hour-plus films in the 1960s than any other decade? It seems that way. Here is another one. This also is a re-make from a 1935 version of the famous story I liked this 'Mutiny On The Bounty' better than the critics did, who got annoyed at Marlon Brando's British accent. I found nothing wrong with it and I usually am critical about that sort of thing myself. Brando gave a solid performance. Trevor Howard was convincing as the sadistic "Captain Bligh" and Tarita was fair as the love interest "Maimiti." The cinematography might have been the best feature of the film, a definite movie for widescreen as a lot of these mid '50s-to-mid '60s films were. There are some beautiful shots in here, beginning with those Tahiti sunsets. The color in this movie is magnificent. Although not particularly a film you might watch over and over, I found no major fault with it except for perhaps the romance which was a bit sappy. The adventure, acting and photography were all top-notch and the three hours went by fairly fast.

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