My Brother's Name Is Robert and He Is an Idiot



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wisdom_moon 2 / 10 / 10

Pretentious - The Movie (spoilers: but nothing specific/only broad description)

Beginning: two siblings in their late teens are learning for a philosophy exam. It is strongly hinted at that they have feelings for each other but don't know what they should do or feel about that. Even though it's a film the relationship between them is (for the most part) believeable and you really think that they are siblings. The pseudo intellectual/philosophical rambling of the brother about time, being and consciousness make (mostly) no sense. Middle: the actions of the siblings become more and more erratic without any indication to why. The brothers ramblings make less sense by the minute. End: the actions become nonsensical and downright illegal. Some examples: rape (both m to f and vice versa), capturing a human/hoding him hostage, torture and murder. All without motive or reason. Brother rambles on. TLDR: pseudo intellectual film that tries to distract the viewer from the lack of story/good characters with shock value and incomprehensible, philosophical babbling.

Reviewed by alexlaggerv / 10

Absolutely stunning philosophical adventure

This is the type of film that enables its viewers to completely immerse oneself in it. The great length of the film, nearly 3 hours, is essential because of its trancendental properties. If you want to watch it, you have to be open-minded. The beautiful cinematography, the very talented actors and the discussed philosophical issus ("What is time?") create an unforgetful enhancing experience.

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