My Man Is a Loser



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John Stamos as Cheesy Agent
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Sean Young as Lola Cain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Josh Lawson 8 / 10 / 10

Worth a watch

Saw this opening night on demand because I was excited to see a high school friend in it. Small but important part, and she was hilarious and totally nailed it. That aside, I appreciated a lot about this movie. The dialogue generally and the banter between the guys in particular was spot on. There were some killer moments in the script. I also really appreciated the coming together message. This wasn't about guys doing stupid things that rightfully should lead to a break up with their wives; no, it was clear throughout that there was a genuine interest in saving the marriages, and that's not entirely common these days. It's an important message in a culture that often glorifies greener grass, and in reality that's rarely true... unless you're one of the few people who have legitimately dead metaphorical grass. That said, there were some quirks about this film that took it down a notch or two for me, and it was mostly in either the script or the editing - hard to know which for sure. While the dialogue was fantastic, the scenes felt a little jumbled together. Almost every scene was critical to the story line, but it cut fairly abruptly enough times that I noticeably felt there should have been a smoother transition. It could have been more graceful. There were two scenes in particular that were totally out of place and while they shook me out of lumping this with every other romcom, I'm not sure they should have been in there in the end. Overall, can't rate it a 10, but I will buy this for the underlying message and for a decent handful of good laughs.

Reviewed by mernestc 10 / 10 / 10

Rapid-fire verbal humor which soon becomes tiresome.

The story starts with some promising comments on the fate of husbands at the hands of their wives, but it endlessly repeats the old Jewish joke on this issue (that husbands -- even those who do well at work -- are brow-beaten at home. You know the kind of thing: 'Why do all Jewish husbands die before their wives? Answer: Because they want to.'). And as the plot develops this theme becomes increasingly tiresome, boring and, indeed, nasty, until you begin to yawn when each predictable scene follows another: nagging wife, misunderstood husband; men are from Mars, women from Venus; etc. etc. And then the soppy ending you saw coming after the first five minutes. I'd give it 'One' star but maybe it deserves three if only for some of the acting and editing.

Reviewed by imdb-406-401487 10 / 10 / 10

A single bachelor helps his married friends re-connect with thieir macho side

You will love this if you liked Hitch, Hall Pass and Couples Retreat. This movie was like riding a roller coaster. I rarely laugh out loud during movies, but at least a few scenes had me in hysterics. A few funny lines from the bar scene I will be using with my friends when I go out to order drinks. It also had a cool shocking moment and a tear jerking ending. Don't take your eye away from the office scene, or you might miss it since it happens pretty quick. It hit so close to home. I meet my married friends for happy hour and annual vacations and they have the same issue as in this movie. They need to take some tips from John Stamos. This has got to be Stamos' best movie. I think this movie has a potential to be a cult movie, so I will watch again, but this time after a few drinks and things.

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