My Name Is Tanino


Comedy / Romance

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Barry Flatman as Mr. Garfield
Don Francks as Chinawsky
Meredith Ostrom as Melissa
Rachel McAdams as Sally Garfield
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by canulendmeafewbux 10 / 10 / 10

Amazing Tanino, a silly and romantic hero in the Art of the Escape!

A young, clue-free Italian finds and eludes trouble on numerous occasions as he journeys to and through America in director Paolo Virzi's 2001 comedy My Name Is Tanino. Naïve optimist Tanino (Corrado Fortuna) gets romantically involved with an American tourist named Sally (Rachel McAdams), who happens to visit his hometown one fateful summer. After Sally's vacation ends, Tanino decides to follow her to the U.S. -- not realizing that Sally's interest in him ended when her vacation ended. Upon arriving in America... A fantastic journey through an hilarious gallery of portraits, a weird and funny movie, an amazing mix of comedy, coming of age, on the road... A must to see! Wonderful Rachel Mc Adams (starring in Mean Girls) in the ironic role of a sweet melancholic and sexy wasp Icon!

Reviewed by miss-jewel / 10

Italy and America, young and old,thriller and comic, this film has it all!

You could say this film is about a young Italian in America constantly running away from difficult situations,or you could say it is about youth and growing up by confronting ideals with reality. But it also shows different lifestyles, (the average well to do American family, the Italian large family, the impoverished artist). The performances are good quality, helped by an on the spot casting for example corrado fortuna's (he plays the main character) expressions are quite hilarious or even just his out of place presence create a comic outcome. Of course it is even funnier if you are or have been in contact with Italian culture (and i mean not just from films and TV!), especially from the south, otherwise Castelluzzo,the town from where the main character comes from, might remind you of any little village where everyone knows everyone and everything about everyone. There isn't specifically a plot but you could describe it as the comic adventures of a young Italian in America but that might make it sound like a kids book. Alltoghether it is a memorable simple little film that you will probably enjoy.

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