My Silent Partner


Action / Thriller

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August 26, 2020



Benjamin Ayres as Dr. Jeff Callan
Greg Evigan as George Holt
Joanna Going as Diane Stiles
Michael Kopsa as Hajime Handa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sirsharp 6 / 10 / 10

Decent movie but a little predictable at times.

This movie has a good line up of characters. It has a decent plot about a policewoman going through a divorce. She needs an attorney. She has no money to find a good one and finds herself being represented by a smug attorney who claims to be doing it because he feels bad for a mother in her situation. Unfortunately he turns out to be a mob attorney who starts to extort her for information. The ending was almost expected but not fully the way I thought it would go. Decent movie but a little predictable at times. I recommend it as a good flick to watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon. One of those movies to pop up some popcorn and snuggle up to your spouse or loved one.

Reviewed by mksusan7 / 10

Divorced cop needs attorney

This is a pretty dull movie up until the last 30 min. The majority of the movie you think she is a dirty cop trying to trade info. in return for a custody battle lawyer. Which during that time you are thinking this is stupid and ridiculous. The worst part is that the cast is really unlikable (up until the last 30 min.) You just think everyone is a scum bag and those that aren't scum bags are really indifferent. It's like no one really cares about anyone. You just don't make any attachment to the characters. Bottom line it's a dull movie and could have been possibly cast better but if you are bored like I was then you'll watch it anyways. If you can sit through 3/4 of it then you will find the last 1/4 at least somewhat entertaining.

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