My Summer Prince


Comedy / Family / Romance

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August 26, 2020



Lauren Holly as Teri Halloran
Marina Sirtis as Felicia Holst
Taylor Cole as Harper Higgins
Vanessa Angel as Susan Grace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Anonnamus 7 / 10 / 10

Cute and Charming!

I don't understand the hate this movie has gotten from other reviewers. This is a Hallmark movie, not an Oscar nominee. It marks off every detail on a rom-com checklist, and does it with a better-than-normal script. I literally laughed out loud more than once. I also believe it was perfectly cast. I recommend this one to any fan of Hallmark.

Reviewed by jimtinfo 9 / 10 / 10

Hallmark Movies are not supposed to be perfect. There are supposed to make you happier!

I've been reading the reviews on this title and I think some people don't understand what Hallmark offers. It offers simple stories that usually end happily. The royal series does the same. In this movie, the two main actors make a cute couple. The story is, of course, somewhat predictable, but not entirely so. The audience watching the movie probably is from the age of 12 and up. Too complex would ruin it for them. This one is actually a bit different than the other royal movies and is lovely. It succeeds in making the audience watch the movie, enjoy it and leave smiling. These are not high budget movies. For those that have more complex plots and fancier special effects, go to the movie theater. Also, this in not filmed in Canada which is where most of the Hallmark films are filmed recently, but in Utah. Enjoy the movie!

Reviewed by maggiedoran318 9 / 10 / 10

Terrific romantic comedy!

I've watched quite a few Hallmark movies and this was, by far, one of the best I've seen in a long time. Taylor Cole plays Mandy, a PR assistant whose boss (Lauren Holly) comes down with chicken pox while on assignment. That's when ambitious Mandy decides to pretend to be her own boss, and takes on their new client herself: a dashingly handsome prince (Jack Turner). Of course the two fall in love, but what will happen when Prince Charming finds out the truth about his new friend? First off... the chemistry between the two leads is terrific. Taylor Cole is stunningly beautiful but also cute, and Jack Turner is adorable as the immature Prince. (It doesn't hurt that the film keeps finding reasons for him to take his shirt off.) Lauren Holly and Marina Sirtis are really funny as the two resident authority figures... and both get their strong dramatic moments too. I don't know where they filmed (probably Canada, because most Hallmark movies are shot there), but its gorgeous and the cinematography is nice. Overall, I thought this was a fun, colorful romantic comedy with great pacing, snappy dialogue, and solid direction. With bigger stars, this should have been a theatrical feature!

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