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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pennyelenabooks 6 / 10 / 10

Good Enough

If you like teacher-student relationships, then this movie won't disappoint you. Though, the story lacked some intensity. At least, the ending was nice and it concluded the story beautifully. I also liked that the teacher was hidding his feelings until the last scene of the movie. Therefore, the movie ended up being more realistic. Although, the love story needed some work. Finally, the performances were really good and I also enjoyed the side characters, who were cute. So, six and a half out of ten, because the movie was just okay and didn't offer anything original.

Reviewed by joyfulp 7 / 10 / 10

Started off well and then ......

Umm yeah no. Girl is so immature to me. Shouting at the top of the world to anyone who would listen about her forever till the day I die looooooove for her teacher . All this movie highlighted is that it's plain weird for someone way older to go out with someone who is not yet an adult . Especially a person who has authority over the youngin. He didn't come off as paedo but same difference it's not right !!!! It started off well though and they definitely had amazing chemistry which is why I gave it 5 stars instead of 1 . Nevertheless you teens and Paedo teachers don't do this, it's so wrong!!!

Reviewed by pokatuki 7 / 10 / 10

This movie is all about Ikuta Toma's incredible acting

This movie is all about Ikuta Toma's incredible acting. He even manage to portray such a controversial character and make it somehow worth it! That's surely something right! There are lots of unnecessary scenes with the teens which were undeniably annoying and very poorly portrayed. But the main lead actor, Ikuta toma, nailed it. There were things in between lines. Like Mr. Ito's facial expression. In one time, he was lying but there was deep sadness in his face. Also, he did something which he normally won't do. As for relationship, he maintains a wall where suitors never got a space to enter yet that wall never really existed for Shimada! It was his acting that make it all sense. Even the guy friend of Shimada sensed that the love was mutual in their case. Here, Mr. Ito was workaholic, non-sociable and had some sort of complex in terms of relationship. But his heart melted by Shimada's innocence and he was grateful towards her, also apologetic for not being able to accept her or hurting her. That's why, that controversial relationship never felt wrong! And I'm not exaggerating anything. Mr Ito expressed everything in this tiny movie with his so little screen time and few dialogues! What I'm saying is I am totally knocked down by Ikuta Toma's acting. But the rest is pretty much slow and boring.

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