My Wife Got Married


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by karenizcool 7 / 10 / 10

Bitter Sweet

This is one of the most unique movies I've ever seen. Truly up until the end I didn't know how it would end..and that's the part I disliked about the movie. I think the actors and the plot were the strongest points of the movie, but my problem was the actual tone of the movie. The perspective is mainly the first and main husband who is completely against the relationship, and throughout the movie you will only see mainly his relationship with her. I guess my problem in the movie is the audience is given the tone of being against married to two men, and yet, in the end ... ***~spoiler alert~**** you are left hanging because the two men were being forced to be in this kind of relationship because of their love for her. The problem is Ina's character is all over the place. her love for her second husband is never really shown. in the end you learn she wanted to use contraceptives with her second husband but not that first. I just was not convinced of how Ina (the character) justified this female polygamy. I just saw Ina as a selfish woman, I just didn't see a sacrifice that she made. But someone you hate but someone you couldn't resist. Definitely check out this movie. It got me curious, laughing, angry, thinking... like i always say, don't let a review stop you from seeing a movie. :)

Reviewed by xxxzxxx 6 / 10 / 10

A movie full of double standards.

"My Wife Got Married" is probably the worst excuse for a movie i've ever seen. The problem with this movie is that while it's trying to fight double standards it ends up being filled with double standards and fakeness itself and even ends up promoting adultery and cheating. The movie gave a picture of our society as a place where people celebrate men being unfaithful to their wives which is not how reality really is. The truth is that I don't know one person who actually think it's okay for men to cheat on their wives. Try asking yourself whether your father, mother, brother or anyone close to you actually think it's okay for a man to cheat on their wife? I bet the majority is against it no matter the gender. I've actually been noticing that nearly each time a man in a movie cheats on his wife he's portrayed as horny bastard while the wife is portrayed as a sweet wife who does everything right. While movies with cheating wives nearly always portray the wives as being neglected by their awful husbands. Now back to the movie itself and it's fakeness. In the midst of all this fakeness is the female protagonist In-ah with her fake innocent face. Her fake innocence and double standards are first seen - besides the times she comes home late at night drunk and fails to understand why her boyfriend is mad - when she's telling her (now) husband about the other guy she has been seeing and wants to marry. When her husband gets mad all she says is "why are you mad" like she does not know it. She then proceeds to say that she wants to keep it a secret from her parents so obviously she does know why he got mad... What follows really showed her true colors. When the guy left his ring at her apartment she follows him home and keeps on pressing on to him instead of just letting him go even going as far as telling him that he had to grant her wish of never leaving her while she still wants to marry another man (all this happens while she herself earlier in the movie had said that she belongs to no one and that if any one of them wanted out of the relationship they should be allowed to go). It's been a long time since I've seen a more selfish person than her. While she wanted her husband to understand her feelings she never once tried to understand or reason with her husband and everything had to go her way - a total narcissist. When their child is born she didn't even once try to understand how her husband felt and got angry when he wanted to know whether he was the father. The culmination of her selfishness came when the husband revealed everything to the families and she ran off to Spain with her child without telling her husband or anyone else. I wouldn't actually have cared about her cowardice and selfishness of running away from the mess RIGHTFULLY crashing down on her - since she herself had created it by her own selfishness - if it hadn't been for the fact that she actually kidnapped the daughter from the father. This fact is amazingly ignored in the movie and it just shows how bad this movie actually is - as if anyone would actually be okay with losing a child like that after going through so much pain of knowing whether he was the father or not. The male protagonist is a sorry excuse for a human being - but at least he admits it himself early in the movie when he says that he is a loser - and that's exactly how he came across. He came across as a pathetic person who couldn't stand up for himself and it was hard to feel any sympathy for him either because of how pathetic he was. The message in this movie seems to be. 1: It's okay to cheat on your wife/husband. 2: It's okay live a double life tricking two families. (The family of the second husband was left to believe that the child was their family by blood.) 3: It's okay to run away with a child without telling the father. 4: It's okay to run away from the mess you created yourself. 5: If you follow 1-4 you will have a happy ending with two husbands. The movie is labelled as comedy and romance but I felt neither was present in this movie. It was not funny neither did I feel any love between the leads. If it's considered love to be selfish and wanting everything your way not considering your partners feelings at all then this movie is full of love. My take on love is different though - The Classic and A Moment To Remember (in which Ye-jin Son stars) portray love much much better than this movie. It's a shame that she decided to star in this film because each time I remember one of the above-mentioned movies I'll always remember this film also and be put in a bad mood.

Reviewed by gohmifune 6 / 10 / 10

Probably not missing anything...

Frankly, if you give this one a miss, your world won't end. The thing with this movie is that it has a good premise, but due to some odd pacing, script and character development issues, and some thrown in and disposable themes, it doesn't quite seem to hit the mark. Also, it just tries too hard. All this is not to say that there isn't anything good about the movie. The direction was fine, the acting and casting were easily the strongest parts of the film, and it didn't feel overlong or overshort. However, these are technical merits that one should really expect from a modern movie, especially a South Korean one. The movie doesn't quite seem to know what kind of film it wants to be until the end so if you have a bit of patience and curiosity, it may be worth a look, but don't expect too much beyond average.

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