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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stylemessiah 1 / 10 / 10

You owe me 90 minutes of my life back

Bit tired of seeing high scores for movies like this, must all be friends and staff of the movie voting to inflate ratings Because this is just like every other low budget film that feels like a student film, that goes nowhere I cant even begin to describe just how nothing happens I waited, it didnt happen

Reviewed by kayhansen1 10 / 10 / 10

Call is coming from inside the house.

The mark isn't Alex. It's you ... and me ... and anyone else who believed the high ratings, started watching and became invested in learning the big psychological twist. The twist is, you've been tricked into watching this movie to the end.

Reviewed by xatiadance 10 / 10 / 10

Fantastic film- favorite of 2020

I was blown away by this film! Even more blown away when I found out it was a directorial debut. This is truly masterful cinema- when we hear the phrase "this is why we go to the movies" it's usually in reference to a summer blockbuster or an Oscar-bait melodrama, but this kind of film is why I go to the movies. Weird, wonderful, surreal yet clearly influenced by the ultra-realism of Dogme95, with a highly skillful small cast, this film drags you in and begs you to be a participant rather than a spectator. The story is more layered than at first expected, so it definitely deserves a second viewing to get the whole experience. I got hints of Broken Flowers, Synecdoche New York, ands Mandy; and the score was outstanding as well. I don't think I've encountered a more fitting soundtrack for a film since Harold and Maude. If you're a true film fan, or fan of any kind of art really, give it a chance. Can't wait to see what else the director has in store.

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