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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrrcott 7 / 10 / 10

Simple but moving account of an extra-marital affair

Korean movies like this one can really get to you if you let them. This one is peaceful and calm with nothing sensational going on, even if the blurb makes it sound just that. Just two people, both unhappily married and falling in love with each other. This subtle mood piece begins in wintry Finland but moves to Seoul in the second act. Do Yeon is the mother of an autistic boy sent to a specialist school. Going Yoo has a daughter with her own problems. They meet when he offers her a lift. No surprise in what happens next, but I was always interested in the story. Excellent Do-Yeon has real chemistry with her co-star and they share some passionate, tastefully shot sex scenes. Gong Yoo is tender and gentle as the man who eases her pain. This is a very low-key mood piece that I am happy to recommend, just don't expect any over-the top, Hollywood melodrama.

Reviewed by heniekb 8 / 10 / 10

A man and a woman

It is a perfect title for this movie. A man and a woman meet sending their kids to a school camp. They are both Koreans so from a start they feel a connection while staying in Europe. That's how the story begins and more or less follow for the next 2 hours. We can we see them meeting, passing by, hesitating, having ordinary conversations, but not really saying very much as both of them admit. There is so little action maybe apart from the last 10 minutes that I understand anyone who won't get it. For me however this was one of the most exciting 2 hours spent watching a movie. Everything seemed so real, i could relate to every scene, every unspoken word and every gesture because in real world we don't talk that much. We think, we hesitate, we follow an impulse to regret it so we think it over. That's what the movie is about. of course there is a suspense of how the story is going to be solved but overall it isn't that important. More important is what the 2 main characters feel and how much are they able to express and say to each other... equally important is how much they are not able to say or express... it would really take me a long time to remember another movie that i could relate to both characters so well. So well to connect to what they feel or think and at the same time unable to express the complexity of their inner selves. That's how the real life goes. It is a true art to make you feel like being a part of the movie and going over and over not only through the events on the screen but through events of your own life.

Reviewed by AJ_McAninch 8 / 10 / 10

Once again.....

Two of South Korea's finest actors, beautifully choreographed and shot, gentle, sweet, and sexy. And, dammit, once again the man pursues the woman, she gives up everything for him, and he finally abandons her even though he loves her. Sigh..... The ending is two women together, of course, one taking care of the other, smoking in the cold lonely woods, alone. Once again. The man made the right decision, but didn't even knock on the door to hold her one last time. He starts to run after her a year later, but the daughter needs him. And the woman will never know. So they are alone in the snowy woods because of his pursuit, and abandonment for all the right reasons, even though he loves her. Once again. Wrenching. And infuriating. And it's always the woman who is left alone, crushed. Once again. Yet I still like the rest because they are both so good. They broke my heart.

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