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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sherine Yousery 8 / 10 / 10


" Nebraska " is : 1- Heart-breaking , how and when: you don't get to know , it just breaks your heart in many moments and also along the general themes . 2- Very thought-provoking , especially if you're in your 20s or 30s . 3- Too deep without even getting near to being complicated and with very little dialogue . 4- Too realistic and too believable , although unpredictable in the least sense with top-notch performances , mainly Bruce Dern who completely swept me off my feet and is too absorbing , thanks to Director Alexander Payne . One of the best movies I've ever seen , thought about and deeply felt . It will make you wonder about and feel many things , maybe for the first time , like what it is like to get old or have traumas and never talk about or even try to explore the inside of you after them , not loving your children enough and realizing that too late , being hopeless and leading a meaningless life at one point , what ambitions and hope do to a man's soul and many more .. Strongly recommended for whoever wants to feel and explore genuine themes , which , I warn , are really sad , hopeful , depressing , happy , hilarious , strong and beautiful all at the same time .

Reviewed by areatw 8 / 10 / 10

A road trip journey like no other

Rather like the main character, it seems the people behind 'Nebraska' were in a world of their own when they made this film. It tears up the film rule book and completely rewrites it, with the end result being a real oddball of a film. It's extremely slow, with a simple plot and a real mishmash of characters, but everything comes together a treat and 'Nebraska' is a hugely enjoyable film. The humour in this film is as dry as you are ever likely to find. Bruce Durn is in his element playing Woody and is hilarious from start to finish. His character feels so genuine and realistic that it's almost as if you know him personally. It's a road trip journey like no other and a story of friendship and growing old. Those who like their films on the quirky side should definitely give 'Nebraska' a watch. It's not for everyone, but I loved it.

Reviewed by egasulla 8 / 10 / 10

Talking about family, the one in the film or yours

The Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami said that great films are the ones that make you talk about them, no matter what you did during the show. So, they may be boring, poorly executed or openly bad, yet if there is something you feel the need to talk about afterward, they were worth it. On the other hand, films that neatly wrap up themselves, presenting a cleanly completed arc that leaves no room for further elaboration, are not significant even if you had a great time watching them. Nebraska is pretty well executed but a tad boring at times. But if it does not make you think about your relationship with your father, nothing else will. The father character is not particularly lovable, and it's clear that his son (as well as his brother) are not that close to him. So the movie is a continuous questioning of how do they approach their relationship. Maybe it's not even worth pursuing it -go your own way and screw the old man. Or maybe the golden moment of total father-son loving reunion is around the corner (no spoilers here). But either way, what's important is the need to talk about it. The characters talk during the movie, the viewers after it ends. This is a small movie by all counts. The plot stays small too -no soap-opera like spectacular revelations, no twists, no real mystery. We should thank the makers for that. The basic premise is simple yet more than powerful enough to carry the movie, with no need for distractions.

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