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Reviewed by TdSmth5 3 / 10 / 10

Pretty bad

While I am all for cheesy 80s horror movies and taking movies for what they aim to do and not comparing them with classic films, this one just doesn't cut it. I guess some find the main actress to be attractive, I don't. Unfortunately she is the only one who several nude scenes. The problem of course is that when all the victims are male there is not possibility of of having more female characters to put in the nude. The special effects are not very good even for the standards of the time, nor is there any suspense or excitement. The idea is not bad overall, a supernatural revenge thriller. However, the resolution of it all is just too forced and unsatisfying. The performances are atrocious except for Charles DeLonge.

Reviewed by FieCrier 8 / 10 / 10

Elizabeth Kaitan is appealing, the movie is not; bad special effects, weak story

This begins with a quote attributed to the Dead Sea Scrolls and ends with a quote from Poe's "The Imp of the Perverse." In the opening scene, a woman goes to visit what seems to be a trailer park gypsy (in fact, a necromancer operating out of her garage). The woman is there to complain about something, asking for it to stop. The necromancer causes an axe to float up in the air and chop the woman. Something of the special effects budget and limitations becomes obvious when the axe's chopping is depicted by a closeup on the axe. That way, you can't see the crew member presumably holding the axe (they could handle having it float, but having it cop while floating - too tricky). Additionally, this saved them the trouble of having to show the woman being chopped. They just put some blood on the axe and kept her out of the frame. Three college guys steal exams from a professor's office, and also find a letter from a student to a professor indicating she'd had an affair with him. She also happens to be working late that night, and they catch her. One rapes her, while another holds her, and the third watches. They threaten to go public with the letter if she tells. The woman doesn't report them to the police both because she is worried about the consequences to her scholarship if her affair with a teacher is discovered, and also she doesn't want her boyfriend to know about the affair either. When a friend sees an ad for a revenge service, they go to the necromancer. Revenge comes by way of a (seeming) doppelganger that appears like the woman to the men she wants revenge on (and even others she is angry at). Blood erupts from bathroom, the doppelganger emerges to start making out with the guy, nibbles on his shoulder, the eyes glow green, and then thick red demon hands appear and the guy dies. There's also a guy named Ernest, wearing blue jeans torn at the knees, a red t-shirt with a black pentagram on it (only one point pointing up, though), hair dyed black with green highlights, and classic horn-rimmed nerd glasses. He's worried about what the necromancer will do to the woman who hired her, and tries to warn her and do ceremonies of his own to protect her. The woman's professor also wants to restart their affair (while he is also working on adding other women to his conquests). He's less than average-looking, overweight, with a perm and mustache, but he still gets the women somehow. A drama teacher at my high school looked about the same and accomplished the same (somehow keeping his job after having been caught having one of those affairs, too). When the woman realizes the guys who raped her are being killed, she is alarmed. For the rest, well watch it if you must, but it's not all that great of a movie. I saw it on videotape, and the dialog was hard to hear at times, although I understand the DVD's audio is fine. Incredibly, the video box claims the movie is "A special-effects extravaganza in the tradition of 'The Serpent and the Rainbow.'" Yeah, right! There's not all that much by way of special effects, and what there is is pretty bad. When the demon of vengeance shows its face, you'll wish they hadn't bothered.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10 / 10

Nifty little horror item

Sweet college drama student Julie Johnson (a fine and appealing performance by luscious blonde Elizabeth Kaitan) gets raped by a trio of rich scumbags. Unable to report the incident to the police due to the fear that she might lose her scholarship, Julie instead enlists the assistance of a powerful medium (well played with intensity by Lois Masten) to exact a harsh revenge of her assailants. Director Dusty Nelson relates the compelling story at a brisk pace, puts a fresh supernatural spin on the standard revenge for a rape premise, and delivers a satisfying smattering of mild gore and funky special f/x. William Naud's trenchant script offers spot-on stinging social commentary on how those with wealth and/or power use their status to get away with engaging in all kinds of gross behavior as well as makes a provocative central statement on the price of revenge. Moreover, the solid acting by the capable cast keeps the movie humming: Russ Tamblyn as flaky lecherous professor Charles DeLonge, Stan Hurwitz as arrogant and sadistic rich jerk Paul, Edward A. Wright as Paul's equally mean buddy Carl, John Tyler as Julie's musician boyfriend Eric, Rhonda Dorton as sympathetic gal pal Freda, Shawn Eisner as tubby wimp Allan, and Waide A. Riddle as nerdy occult expert Ernest. The sharp cinematography by Eric Cayla and Richard Calbaugh gives this picture a nice stylish look. The shivery score by Bob Mamet, Kevin Klinger, and Gary Stockdale does the shuddery trick. A neat fright flick.

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