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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Atavisten 8 / 10 / 10

Completely out of the box

This looked like a standard hostage thriller until I realized how cleverly made it is. In the beginning you see three helmeted robbers robbing a gas station and then the next thing you see is they take over a hospital. In this part we follow the investigators, the negotiator and it is so tense that you never notice there were no explosions or gunfire or that you don't get to see what the bad guys are up to at all. What follows is remarkably tight, the story is of course not 100% credible, but that doesn't matter at all. I usually hate thrillers, but this is so intelligent I cant help liking it. Miike is a man full of ideas, many good, problem is he don't work enough with them. Here it is definitely good enough.

Reviewed by gnaydo 8 / 10 / 10

Caught me off guard

As the others have said, this is not your typical crime movie. Just when you think it is unfolding to a hostage - negotiation scenario, it take a turn toward conspiracy. I only wish U.S. movies would be so daring. It is interesting to see why the two main characters are involved with each other. Is it a secret love affair? Are they more than just counterpart? The Negotiator is not so simplistic, but all the pieces fall in place in the end. I found this movie to be very engaging from start to finish. When you think about the title 'The Negotiator', negotiations are not just in hostage situations, sometimes life itself is a negotiation.

Reviewed by winner55 8 / 10 / 10

no expectations, please

Yes, it's a Takashi Miike film, which means just about anything's possible. Keep that in mind - that's the only guide you will have to the plot of this movie. In fact this is one of the few narrative films where any discussion of the plot effectively gives it away. It's about police negotiators in a hostage situation - let's leave it at that. I confess that I really don't understand this director - he's the most prolific in Japan, and will apparently direct just about any idea you can get on film - from raw exploitation (Full Metal Yakuza) to sensitive coming-of-age stories (Sabor) to wild experimental films (Izo). Still, it's wonderful we have a director like this to remind us that the joy in making films is making films; and the joy of watching them is discovering they are made. The dialog could have been more succinct, and the editing tighter in spots. Also, be aware that the film's intention to disappoint expectations hinges to some extent on Japanese customs and traditions we don't enjoy in the West, so some of the plot-twists here will seem a little odd to Westerners; but they actually do work, in their context. Otherwise, there are some really powerful performances from the actors here and the theme is ultimately somber and very moving. The camera-work is high quality, always on top of a story threatening to pull away from it at every turn. Takashi Miike always risks being self-indulgent, but usually there's a pay-off for the audience in it, and there certainly is here. Fine dramatic film from one of cinema's true eccentrics.

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