Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 62%
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April 10, 2019


Chloë Grace Moretz as The Princess Kaguya
Rose Byrne as Sonja Stilano
Selena Gomez as Alex Russo
Seth Rogen as Herschel Greenbaum / Ben Greenbaum
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by doppelbock-338-600703 1 / 10 / 10

Hard to watch!

Oh, you can't recycle wasted time! This is exhausting. 'Faaaark', a good polite way in Australia to say this kills me! Geez, the political leftism is pushed into your head but it is balanced by a little right wing honkey tonk as it is. Marijuana should have been the title. But the dredging of racism, drug use, sexism, anti-rapeism, reverse racism, chauvinism, liberatism, ageism, god damn I can't watch it anymore-ism!is too much. Bad writing shows in the acting. It is static; even for actors that have a history of working together. Seth Rogen is the hardest to watch. I just cringed as he went through another film thinking it was a good idea. Just unwatchable!!!

Reviewed by professorroyhinkley 2 / 10 / 10

Possibly THE worst movie we've ever seen; plot = f***bombs.

I can't believe we stuck it out. It was horrific. The plot was really bad: not just bad, beyond stupid - if you think you guessed the entire plot, you are right. The acting is terrible. Strangely, it really could be PG-13 easily - except for an amazing amount of language. Have someone sit down with you and say f*** over and over for 90 minutes. Did you laugh? If so, go ahead and watch it. If you started and are just watching to see how it ends - guess! You're correct - now turn it off and watch something else. Did anyone rate this higher than 1 star that watched it and wasn't paid or something? Gah - it's just so bad.

Reviewed by yukanda 2 / 10 / 10

OMG! This is Neighbors (as I state the title) 2 times worse than the original!

Oh man where do I begin with this movie? This movie lacked what the first one had with it's originality in the plot and comedy with the actors placed in it. All the actors lacked their touch with their performance in this movie. I think this actually had to be one of the most disappointing comedies of the year and it has now ranked as probably the 2nd worst comedy movie I have ever seen in my life! The first being 2002's Boat Trip and OMG that was really bad and that was back when movies were better before we reached this point in time! This movie didn't make me laugh at all! They really lacked a lot of things in this movie and the ending was even disappointing, but I won't go into detail on it if you really want to see it with no spoilers! It is almost nothing like the original and what's sad even is that the trailer was appealing. I was expecting for this to be pretty damn good and much like the original with maybe even a twist, but it went the complete opposite on my expectations. It's not worth going to a Redbox or any website that offers this movie as a rental! Don't even buy it, you will be setting yourself up for almost 2 hours of disappointment guaranteed! Everything in the movie was horrible from start to finish and sometimes it just didn't make any satisfying sense as to what you would expect just from watching the 1st one. The 1st one was good, not the best, but it was good since it had some originality and the ending was even good and satisfying enough, but this sequel to it is just plain garbage and pathetic for a movie and I do love watching Seth Rogen, but they really did a bad job on this and I do not think there should be a third one. Do yourself a big favor, DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE! WATCH THE FIRST ONE AND STOP THERE! TO ME THIS MOVIE WASN'T NECESSARY! SAVE YOURSELF THE 2 HOURS AND WATCH SOMETHING ELSE! Overall rating: 2/10 VERY UNSATISFYING! SORRY! :(

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