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Reviewed by Platypuschow 2 / 10 / 10

Nemesis: Truly dire

Remember the Jean Claude Van Damme movie Cyborg? Well it turned into a franchise that was merged with a series of films called Nemesis. This technically is the second movie in the series and I can confidently say that I don't understand how the movies are connected at all. Nemesis unlike Cyborg is not set in a post apocalyptic world, it's just set in a future filled with cyborgs and non-sensical plot lines. To its credit it does have quite the cast, we have industry veteran Tim Thomerson, Thom "Friday 13th" Mathews, Cary-Hiroyuki "Mortal Kombat" Tagawa, the late great Brion James and a small role for current star Thomas Jane. Notice I didn't mention lead star Olivier Gruner? That's because he is truly awful. Surrounded by people considerably more talented than him didn't do him or his character any favours. To make matters worse the plot is a mess and the action though thick and fast is seven shades of crap. This is a decent length franchise and I do hope they get better than this. The Good: Decent cast The Bad: Awful accents Weirdly constructed Olivier Gruner is just lifeless Things I Learnt From This Movie: Second film, I can already tell I'm not going to enjoy this franchise Giving a Japanese character a (What I can only assume is...) Hawaiian accent is baffling

Reviewed by SashaDarko 10 / 10 / 10


Not-intellectual-in-a-slightest action movie, which also gives no cyberpunk vibes, it's rather a classic sci-fi thing about machines vs. humankind, and this one almost fully copies Terminator plot (good cyborgs help human rebels to stop other cyborgs from taking over the planet, they dropped the time travel though) and most likely was made after the success of Terminator 2 (they even brought the same visual effects specialist who made the cyborg in Nemesis to look and move exactly like in Cameron's movie). Although Terminator itself is nothing original, so I wouldn't say Nemesis would be a rip-off of it, but I think the success of the T2 movie and hype around cyborgs at the time played the role. First thing to notice in the movie is how everyone can't shoot properly at all, both "programmed to kill" cyborgs and "experienced" humans. They always miss the targets, even if they stand just about a meter away, it looks extremely ridiculous. But the movie gets even more ridiculous pretty quick when Shang Loo comes into the frame, becoming a unintentional comedy. Very serious poker-face men with black suits and black glasses chasing two humans and missing all the time even with some sort of a shotgun-grenade laucnher weapon (no sharpnel, no blast waves). One time this weapon shoots like it has nuclear bomb bullets, other time they're like the weakest grenades, whatever fits the action on the screen and keeps the heroes going. The way Alex returns the card from cyborg makes him look like a Mowgli, not to mention the way he shoots their pursuer from grenade launcher making a flip, it's just over the top. Truth to be said, they seem to embraced the ridiculousness they put on the screen, there's a funny scene when a granny kills a cyborg with a gun she had in her purse. The movie tries very hard to look COOL, watching this on VHS being a teenager back in a day probably was a blast. The actors do their job just fine for a movie like that, it's certainly not a disaster on the performance front. The editing is good, visual effects are great. The locations chosen for the movie are beautiful and they used very well, it's one of the strong feats of the movie. You'd recognize Brion James, who probably played in all b-movies out there, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who later became Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat, and Thomas Janes, who later became a great The Punisher. It was good to see them all here together. 7.5/10

Reviewed by jeldridge-28771 10 / 10 / 10

Another Great - Yet Underestimated - Independent Science-Fiction Film

This review will be on the director's cut of the film (known as "Nemesis v2.0"), which can be purchased from Albert Pyun. I will also be comparing the theatrical version with the director's cut as much as possible. Originally released in 1992 and directed by Albert Pyun (director of "Captain America," "Slinger," and "Invasion"), the film centers on the character Alex Rain (perfectly played by Olivier Gruner of the independent films "Velocity Trap," "Sector 4," and the up-coming "Executive Protection"), who is an LAPD police officer going against cyber-terrorists. The character himself has been augmented with robotic replacement parts, from his eyes to his legs and skull. After an operation at the beginning of the film, he's repaired once again and given a vacation where he attempts to find his humanity. The protagonist of the film is Chief of LA Police, Farnsworth (masterfully played by Tim Thomerson from "Dollman" and "Trancers"), who is a cyborg of his own right involved in a massive conspiracy to infiltrate and take over the planet. He begins to use Rain as a pawn in that conspiracy, but his loyalty to a female cyborg - Jared (played by the beautiful and very talented Marjorie Monaghan) - brings him to not only rebel against his cyborg superiors but bring back his humanity. It's a great story of not only personal redemption but also what it takes to be human. It can be seen as a perfect metaphor of the increasingly technological world we all live in. Director Pyun's masterful storytelling comes out as usual, but was hindered when it was theatrically released. The only way I was able to see how the film was initially intended was when I purchased the director's cut a couple of years ago. It definitely keeps a seat in my science- fiction collection as a hallmark in robotic SF filmmaking. If you are a fan of smart SF, great action, and incredible special effects (done by Fantasy II, which did the SFX for the first two "Terminator" films), then you will absolutely love "Nemesis v2.0." Please support Mr. Pyun in purchasing his vision of the film. Trust me: just like with "Slinger," you will not be disappointed.

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