Night Crossing


Drama / Family / History / Thriller

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Beau Bridges as Dick Buek
Ian Bannen as Harris
Jane Alexander as Nora Regan Reilly
John Hurt as Alan White
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mal-prostar 10 / 10 / 10

As Close To Reality As You Will Get

The movie Night Crossing captures the feelings experienced by the vast majority of East Germans during the period 1961-89. I lived in West Berlin during most of 1967 and travelled through The Wall into East Berlin on a weekly basis. Why? Excitement, crossing a border into a Soviet governed country, experiencing the smells and the feel of East Germany, which is why Night Crossing is excellent, it captures that very feeling, and it is exciting. I was arrested by the Vopos in Checkpoint Charlie and accosted by a man in his leather coat and dark glasses I am led to believe was Stasi. When I watch the movie I can smell cheap diesel and cooking oil, I can see the outdated vehicles, the drab clothing the public wore and the lacklustre produce in shop windows. It brings back memories of realising just how lucky I was to live in a free country. In 1988, I toured the DDR from East to West, North to South. East Germany had changed little since 1967. The Trabants, constantly breaking down, were still the main mode of private motorised transport, the shops still featured nothing much to tempt me, uniforms were still commonplace, but the people, the ordinary people were open and nice once you had gained their trust. Watch Night Crossing, it's as close to the truth as any movie you will see on divided Germany, even closer than two other favourites The Spy Who Came In From The Cold and Funeral In Berlin.

Reviewed by merklekranz 8 / 10 / 10

Pure entertainment....

A real surprise. Not exactly family entertainment from "Disney". Some violence, lots of tense moments, and a great story, based on fact. The theme of "Night Crossing" is, determination wins. Never losing sight of their objective, two East German families risk it all, in their daring balloon escape to freedom. The story is both harrowing and heartwarming. Time is not on their side. The East German Police are closing in and the outcome far from certain, until the very end. If you are looking for a good evenings entertainment, that contains no nudity, and limited violence, then I highly recommend "Night Crossing". It is pure entertainment. - MERK

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 8 / 10 / 10

Mann's film makes us realize the true value of freedom...

'Night Crossing' is about an enormous barrier designed not to keep enemies out but to keep its own people in… 'Night Crossing' is about a very long border fencer equipped with silent alarms and automatic firing systems… 'Night Crossing' is about the denial of the basic human rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness… 'Night Crossing' is about the fear and pain that afflict so many families… 'Night Crossing' is about one attempt to risk a crossing through the border zone… 'Night Crossing' is about a loving father whose only desire is to give his boys what should never have been taken away from them… 'Night Crossing' is about a disturbed mother who wants her babies and her husband alive… 'Night Crossing' is about a caring husband who wants his family to be together but in a better place… 'Night Crossing' is about children who want to be free to reach at anytime the sky… 'Night Crossing' is about a hot-air balloon handcrafted and built by two families… 'Night Crossing' is about a balloon which could go just high enough to crash or catch fire and explode… 'Night Crossing' is about two determined men who want their family to climb into a hot air balloon and float away to 'liberty'… 'Night Crossing' is about the fear of getting caught by an evil regime… 'Night Crossing' is about a sensible man who can't let bad dreams stop him… 'Night Crossing' is about an icy policeman who wants every lookout tower on full alert… With exquisite music by Jerry Goldsmith, Delbert Mann's 'Night Crossing' makes us realize the true value of freedom… Final thoughts: There are a few moments in everyone's life, certainly in public lives, that can define a person... For those of us old enough to remember the Reagan presidency, seeing the clips again in the wake of his death makes it seem like those events happened just yesterday, or last week. The voice, the expressions, are all so familiar. But for a large percentage of people, these events might as well have happened fifty years ago, if not more. They are part of the distant past. President Reagan is a name, and not much more. President Gorbachev is another name, and not much more. So how can we remember these two men who had such a huge impact on their country? Reagan and Gorbachev worked together to tear down the Berlin Wall and to steer their superpower nations away from nuclear confrontation…

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