Night Hunter


Action / Thriller

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Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes
Minka Kelly as Sarah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brucebigelow-10873 4 / 10 / 10


One of the main protagonists goes around castrating sex offenders who haven't been convicted. Do they arrest him? Nope, apparently that's legal in... I guess they're pretending it's Minnesota. From there it's a series of totally incompetent events by the police. Oh, there's a bomb. We need to get everyone out of the building except the prisoner we're holding. And apparently if you put a tracker in a teddy bear you can pull out a wire and it becomes the tracker. Good to know in case you ever find a tracking device. Also you can sneak up on unsuspecting police officers in thin wood in the snow because... oh right, they're completely incompetent.

Reviewed by kerrsoak 3 / 10 / 10

A good Saturday night watch.

I am not a wannabe critic waiting to be discovered , normal everyday bloke. So no comments on the lighting, script, audio, scenes, etc. If you want a semi suspenseful crime thriller, no insanely twisted plot, just a good film to spend time watching with chips and pop, then this hits the mark. I will say that I am a Ben Kingsley fan but that did not sway my view.

Reviewed by Lejink 3 / 10 / 10

Hunt the hunters

A confusing, contrived and ultimately uninvolving would-be thriller centring on an apparent long-term serial abducter and killer of young women. It starts off with his latest victim attempting escape in the freezing dead of night, only to end herself when he catches her up. Next, we're introduced to a pretty young girl honey-trapping a convicted rapist now out of jail, her accomplice and the calculating brains of the operation being an elderly former judge with money and clout enough to extract full retribution for the helpless perpetrator's victims by castrating him, clearing out his bank account to share the proceeds with the victims and have him sign a full waiver statement for what's happened to him. Henry Cavill is the rather unlikely man-mountain cop, all grizzled and mussed up, out to catch the serial killer, who runs into the afore-mentioned vigilante Ben Kingsley and his ward who then promptly turn their attention to the same killer. We've already seen that Henry, a separated dad, is worried about his own teenage daughter and who she might be hooking up with online but when he and his former girlfriend, a former detective turned profiler get who they think is their man, a strange game of psychological cat-and-mouse between they and defendant Brendan Mitchell ensues especially when it seems he has multiple personality disorder. In fact the solution to the bad guy's M.O. is a lot simpler than that if still highly contrived and after a "Se7en"-type break-out, our crazed killer kidnaps Kingsley's adopted daughter and the profiler setting up a climax which ensues on a thin ice-rink when Cavill finally catches them up. With much of the action shot in darkness and also poorly recorded dialogue I struggled to make out, never mind join the plot dots in this formulaic would-be chiller. Cavill's English accent chimes in as regularly as Big Ben and he otherwise never seems comfortable in his role while Kingsley is hardly stretched in support. I found the direction haphazard and disjointed, a typical complaint of mine against modern-day Hollywood thriller movies. Derivative and difficult to follow I just couldn't get into it and in truth wished I'd hunted out another movie instead this particular night.

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