Night Key


Crime / Thriller

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Boris Karloff as Edmond Bateman
Ward Bond as Dr. Joseph Holden
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BaronBl00d 6 / 10 / 10

Good Ole Boris!

Boris Karloff seemingly can make a small film all the bigger with his fine performance. Such is the case with this lesser known Karloff film...Night Key. Though the film is in no way a horror picture, it does have some science fiction elements. The story tells about a Mr. aged man who has spent his life inventing a night key alarm system only to have it stolen from him by his former business partner and his own lawyer. Karloff is in fine fettle as the inventor, and even seems like a live Gepetto both in look and manner. The film is typical for its day.....not a very imaginative script nor great quality character acting, although Hobart Cavanaugh does a nice job as a petty hood helping Karloff get back at his enemies. What makes it stand out is the understated acting of Karloff...a role which he plays for sympathy and compassion. Not a big film but a little one...still a good one to see. The film is not on video so you may have to try and find it on video transfers from 16mm prints.

Reviewed by pryor-notice 6 / 10 / 10

Good to see Boris as Nice Guy

Typecast as "Boris Karloff" the monster, William Henry Pratt (his real name) was cast almost exclusively as monsters and mad scientists. He shows glimmers of real humanity in most of these roles, but rarely got to play a hero. Here is the exception. A kindly old scientist steps over the line only slightly in order to compel a ruthless businessman who has twice cheated him to do the right thing. In the end, he proves himself loyal, kind, honest, and courageous, in spite of being elderly and nearly blind. A movie like this (though definitely a "B" movie) demonstrates that this did not have to be the case. Karloff/Pratt could easily have played many a kindly grandfather or filled many other likable roles. What a pity he so rarely got the chance!

Reviewed by bsmith5552 6 / 10 / 10

Change of Pace for Karloff!

"Night Key" was a change of pace for Universal's horror star Boris Karloff. Playing largely horror related roles through most of the 1930's, this film offered him a chance to step out of that genre for a welcome change of pace. Karloff plays mild mannered inventor David Mallory who lives with his daughter Jean (Jean Rogers), has invented a new "electric eye" security system. He had been cheated out of the profits of his previous wire based system by unscrupulous businessman and former friend Steven Ranger (Samuel S. Hinds). This time however, Mallory has also invented a "night key" system which disables his security systems. Mallory's lawyer, Kruger (Edwin Maxwell) conspires with Ranger to cheat Mallory out of his rightful royalties for his new invention. With the help of petty crook Petty Louie (Hobart Cavanaugh) who he helps escape from Ranger's holding cell, the two set out to discredit Ranger's company. Meanwhile Ranger Officer Jim Travis (Warren Hull) tries to locate Mallory and in doing so falls in love with Jean. Mallory using his "night key" disables the Ranger Security Systems of several business, taking nothing, in order to destroy consumer confidence in Ranger. A gangster, known only as "The Kid" (Alan Baxter) becomes interested in Mallory's invention. Petty Louie gives up Mallory's location thinking that the two will make some dough working for The Kid. The Kid has other ideas. Karloff as always delivers a solid performance as the going blind inventor. No mad scientist here. The requisite romance between Rogers and Hull adds little to the story. Cavanaugh almost walks off with the film as the small time crook Petty Louie. Baxter is also good as The Kid. Ward Bond appears as one of Baxter's henchmen, Fingers. Also watch for long time character actor George Cleveland as Ranger's engineer and for "B" western fans, Roy Barcroft in an early bit as a Ranger technician.

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