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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alice C 1 / 10 / 10

not a thriller and watching paint dry would be more entertaining

Seriously boring predictable tripe. A couple of spoiled brats decide they need to show everyone how right they are about environmentalism by destroying a bridge that doesn't belong to them. You get 20-30 minutes of watching these clowns convince a guy to sell them fertilizer without proper ID (yeah right), getting a boat and another accomplice and planning this hair brained scheme. Of course they end up killing someone and rather than getting tracked down we watch them go through what they want you to think is guilt (but really just trying to evade getting caught) and the ending is just really dumb and pointless. I could care less about any of these characters. Frankly all this demonstrated was how ridiculous everyone with these ideas are. They don't try to convince you with arguments and facts, just violence that ends up getting innocent people killed. Not to mention all the other business they disrupted just to have their temper tantrum. You'd think they'd at least want to get caught so they could get up on the pedestal and tell us their gripes.

Reviewed by disinterested_spectator 5 / 10 / 10

Was It a Question of Budget or Style?

Three eco-terrorists, Josh (Jesse Eisenberg), Dena (Dakota Fanning), and Harmon (Peter Saarsgaard), are tired of just talking about the environment, so they decide to blow up a dam in Oregon. After they blow up the dam, it becomes clear that their idealistic act was naïve and worthless. Their friends, unaware that Josh, Dena, and Harmon were the ones who blew the dam up, dismiss the whole thing as theater, because the river has twelve dams, so nothing has been accomplished. As the movie progressed, it became clear that we would not see the dam being blown up. This was probably for two reasons. First, there are budgetary considerations. One gets the feeling that this is a low- budget feature, and it is simply cheaper to hear the sound of the explosion as they drive away from the river rather than film a spectacle. It reminded me of a guy I knew who was much younger than I and therefore used to modern movies. He was complaining about an old movie he saw once, and I quickly realized he was talking about "They Live by Night" (1948). He said, "These guys are planning a bank robbery, and the next thing you know, they are driving down the road listening to a news report of the bank robbery on the radio. Today, the bank robbery would be the main part of the movie." But this was a low-budget film noir, and hearing about the bank robbery they just pulled off must have been cheaper than actually filming it. However, there was something about the style and tone of the movie that also made one suspect there would be no grand spectacular scene of the dam bursting, water pouring through the valley, tossing boats and cars every which way, and people screaming as they are pulled under the current. In fact, it is part of the basic idea of this movie that Josh and Dena never really thought things through, that it would be impossible to blow up a dam without someone being killed. They find out, as is appropriate for a story about guilt and paranoia, that someone has died when we do, when they read about it in the newspaper. And the fact that it is just one person rather than scores was good too. One death is enough to cause Dena and Josh to become guilt ridden. Less is more. Unfortunately, on a couple of points, the movie could not resist a turn toward the melodramatic. First, when they get in the truck to drive away from the river, they have trouble starting it. That is such a cliché that I was hoping that wouldn't happen before they even got in the truck. Oh well, at least they got it over with quickly. A second point, however, was most unfortunate. Dena becomes so guilt ridden that it becomes clear that it is just a matter of time before she turns herself into the police and confesses everything. To stop her from doing this, Josh murders her. Josh tells Harmon over the phone that it was an accident, which would have been fine, if he had pushed her and she fell down and struck her head. But he strangled her, and that is not something one does accidentally. In any event, this murder accomplishes nothing. The fact that Dena has been strangled coupled with the fact that Josh has to take it on the lam would make it obvious to the police that Dena and Josh were the eco-terrorists they were looking for. If Josh was going to have to flee the area and go into hiding anyway, then what was the point of the murder? Better would be to simply disappear without killing Dena. In that case, whether she talked or not would not have made much difference. Just as a melodramatic spectacle of a dam blowing up would not have been in keeping with the style and tone of this movie, so too was Dena's murder out of place. But maybe the difference was budgetary after all: it doesn't cost much to film a man strangling a woman.

Reviewed by ReganRebecca 5 / 10 / 10


Kelly Reichardt isn't a filmmaker for everyone but I like her slow moving contemplative dramas which often give audiences something to really reflect on. Not so with Night Moves her most boring preachy film to date. The film follows Josh and Dena, a young couple who also happen to be passionate environmentalists. Their plan is to hook up with a connection of Josh's who will help them put their beliefs into practice by blowing up a dam. The acting is good and the film is beautiful as befits a Reichardt movie. The dialogue and plot however are godawful. It's not that I don't believe in what the characters are saying, but they're some pretty awful unpleasant preachy people to spent a couple of hours with. The whole thing is a joke and will only appeal to the kind of granola hipsters that appear in the film. You're honestly better off watching a documentary on climate change.

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