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Reviewed by quridley 7 / 10 / 10

Solid horror sequel from the 1990s

NOTD2 succeeds by switching from the style and tone of the original while remixing the winning formula. The original was a great mix of Return of the Living Dead and The Evil Dead while Part 2 follows "Halloween 4" quite closely: the first film's killer hunts their childlike female relative on Halloween night (right down to her wearing a clown costume). Throw in some "Lost Boys" and its not too original or expensive, but its very sincere with its premise. Unlike the first film, 2 is slower and builds the characters more and sets a more realistic tone for all of the hijinks. The climax isn't as scary or clever but it gets fairly crazy and nasty. And the whole thing is directed and acted strongly. Bonus points as "From Dusk Til Dawn" lifted more than a couple story details and images from this movie to make millions of dollars more.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 7 / 10 / 10

Very generic mid-1990's horror movie...

Right, well I must start out with saying that I wasn't particularly impressed with "Night of the Demons 2", just as I wasn't overly impressed with the first movie. In fact, I feel that these American versions of the Italian "Demons" movies were just unnecessary movies. Why not just watch the originals? The storyline in "Night of the Demons 2" is every bit as simplistic and easy to follow as it was in the first movie. An ancient demon is woken from its slumber and it starts to prey on unwary people, turning them into ferocious demons in the process. Indeed a very simple storyline and an equally simple movie to keep up with. You just simply switch into auto-pilot mode and just lean back and watch the events on the screen. "Night of the Demons 2" does not challenge the intellect of the audience in any way. As for the acting in the movie, well let's just say that it was adequate. In fact, I don't really think that anyone stood out as being particularly memorable. Mind you, it was not really the acting that was to blame here, but the fact that the actors and actresses had so very little to work with in terms of script and character development. It was, however, somewhat of a surprise to see actress Christine Taylor in a movie such as this. The effects in "Night of the Demons 2" were adequate, taking into consideration that this movie is from 1994. Don't get your hopes up for anything grand or overly memorable though. All in all, "Night of the Demons 2" is a fairly standard - and I dare say generic - horror movie from the mid-1990's. On a plus side, I just found out that there is a third movie to this movie series. I didn't know that, and just found out when I searched for "Night of the Demons 2" here on IMDb. However, given the track history of the previous two movies, I doubt that I will chase after the third movie. Perhaps if I happen to come across it by some sheer random luck or cosmic fate. Back on track. I can't really say that I find the American version more enjoyable than the Italian versions. But hey, we all have different individual likes and dislikes. "Night of the Demons 2" scores a mediocre five out of ten stars from me. It didn't bring anything new or exciting to the horror movie. But it still turned out to be entertaining enough for what it turned out to be.

Reviewed by bowmanblue 7 / 10 / 10

Pretty good, bar nun

'Night of the Demons 2' is the unimaginatively-titled sequel to 'Night of the Demons,' but at least when a film gives you such a big clue as to what it's going to be about, you should know what you're getting. And, unsurprisingly, here you get one night (and some demons). However, I was a little disappointed at the lack of demons. There's only really one main one and, granted she can possess people to help swell her ranks, but I was expecting hordes of the nasties. Perhaps I was thinking it would be more in line with the Italian horror classic B-movies 'Demons' and its own unimaginatively-titled sequel 'Demons 2.' Despite also having demons in it, 'Night of the Demons 2' was its own movie. You have the typical mix of obnoxious, over-s*xed teenagers, all of which attend a religious school run by nuns and priests. They hear an urban legend of a haunted house and decide to go and investigate on Halloween. Naturally, rumours are true and they end up unleashing one nasty old demon-woman among their numbers. It doesn't sound like anything too memorable, but it does have its traits which make it stand out. For a start there are a few nice touches which go against the horror genre's conventions (no spoilers here – you'll have to watch it to find out!). Plus it's surprisingly quite a slow burner. You'll either see it as a plus or a minus at how the plot progresses, but it takes quite a while before the heads (literally) start to roll. Then there's the plot itself. Normally slasher/horror films are set in one location, however this one seems to bounce its location back and forth between various sets. Again, this can be seen as a positive or a negative. Some may find it refreshing that the story defies the norm, others may find it a bit disjointed and think that it doesn't really have any direction. There's gore and bits that stand out, but what saves it from being totally forgettable amongst the infinite ranks of similar movies is one character: the nun. Far from being one of God's more passive servants, she kicks demon butt at every given opportunity and, as a result, single-handedly saves the movie from oblivion. If you like tongue-in-cheek horror with the occasional moment of story brilliance and a nun who wouldn't look out of place wielding an Uzi, then sit down and watch this. As long as you're in a forgiving mood you'll find enjoyment here.

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